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Deprogramming Monarch Slaves with Ultrasonic Subliminals (2016)

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Deprogramming Monarch Slaves with Ultrasonic Subliminals (2016) New 2016 edition Someone has asked me for a reseed of my old 2014 "Deprogramming Monarch Slaves with Ultrasonic Subliminals" torrent. Since I've already archived it, I've decided to simply create a new and better edition of that old torrent. Maybe you think this doesn't concern you, but if you were one of those programmed monarch slaves, then you wouldn't even know that you are. One essential component of mind control consists of the fact that you're not even aware of being under mind control. If you were aware of it, you'd resist it, but since you're not, you won't. Do you think that the Hitler-youth back in Nazi Germany were aware of being under massive mind control? Of course not. Truly, your thoughts are not your own, but you think they are. How does it work? The subliminals are meant to activate your kundalini energy, putting you in a higher state of consciousness, where you're more receptive for subliminal suggestions. Basically it's all about how you perceive what you do perceive. There's always the perceiver and the perceived, the seer and the seen, the observer and the observed. It has always as been that way, and it always will, as long as you have a soul. Your beliefs and convictions manifest by the way you perceive the world, your world. Everything and everybody you perceive manifests as a symbol in your field of awareness, as an item of meaning, and every experience you have made in your past changes the way you see these symbolic items. If you have been exposed to mind control in the past, and you have for sure, then this mind control will manifest within your field of awareness in such a way that you will perceive certain symbolic items differently, they seem to have a different quality to them. technical: You'll need high fidelity headphones to listen to these ultrasonic files. CASE # 20225E: "LOST ODYSSEY": Around the end of 2014, Pulses got ready to initiate the second cycle of the enigmatic techno experience. It would go even deeper and strip down the structure to expose the core elements. Using complex atmospheric waves encrypted within hidden geometries to generate mass hypnosis, these signals were to reach the inner soul of the receiver. Quantized references of these roots were then infused to arise the required hive mind: Italus Hypnosis, German Technology, Zion foundations & Drone frequencies. But this time, everything did not go according to plan. It started with strange anomalies, many glitches, then some messages intrusions on the screens: "The symbols are the roots. The hidden signals become music. Music respawn the soul of the alchemist. Don't stay too long in the black cluster. The guardian is shaddy!" The lab soon became unstable. The equipment generated a sea of fragmented patterns and chaos did not take over the experiment. Then, the music was severely altered. By who or what? The search and rescue team found a hard drive named "lost odyssey" in the lab’s security vault. the whereabouts of the pulses members are currently unknown. audio deprogramming 01 text 02 text to speech 03 text to speech ultrasonic 04 ultra-files combined 05 music 06 ultra-files music mix mkdelta programming WARNING pSy-fI - zerO One youtube Radical New Advice for Targeted Individuals (64kbit).mp3 audiobooks Advanced Hyperspace, Oversoul and Deprogramming Techniques.mp3 Joshua Immanuel The Christ.mp3 monarch.nfo pics text 1 Advanced Hyperspace, Oversoul and Deprogramming Techniques by Stewart Swerdlow.pdf Crusade Prayers.pdf Daskalos - Joshua Immanuel The Christ.pdf monarch-full.txt text 2 A lecture by Dr. Colin Ross.pdf Bowart Operation Mind Control.pdf Fritz Springmeier - Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula.pdf Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Springmeier & Wheeler.pdf Mark Philips and Cathy O Brien - Tranceformation of America.pdf Ritual Abuse and Mind Control.pdf Springmeier & Wheeler - Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula.pdf Springmeier Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula.pdf Springmeier Wheeler Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula v2 pdf.pdf Sullivan Unshackled A Survivors Story of Mind Control.pdf Tracy Twyman Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA.pdf Trance Formation of America - Mark Philips and Cathy O Brien.pdf videos Posthuman Assimilation WARNING MKDELTA mind control (1080p).mp4 tags: monarch, mkultra, mkdelta, mind control, posthuman, transhuman, subliminal, hypnosis, ultrasonic
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