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Depleted Uranium - Blowin' In The Wind

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This is the latest film from two-time Academy Award nominee, David Bradbury - arguably Australia's most contentious and provocative documentary filmmaker.

Featuring the retired US veteran and Depleted Uranium (DU) inspector, Doug Rokke, it looks at the impact of recycled uranium weapons and the far-reaching physical and moral effects on everyone.

This film shows how the Howard Government sold out the Australian public with the “secret training” agreement with the US Army on Australian soil; the details of which the general public are never to know about.

The film's release is timely as the (Australian) government currently moves to approve more uranium mines while arguing the contrary - that by going nuclear we are being both 'safe' and 'green'. [This is Orwellian speak if ever there was.]

Information about the film can be found here:

Some more pictures of Iraq babies deformed from DU can be found here:

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