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Demystifying the Dark Occultists - A Deconstruction of Higher Evil

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Demystifying the Dark Occultists - A Deconstruction of Higher Evil
By Jana Esp. & Noah Kimble

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Jana Esp. wrote:

In my first collaborative project with Noah Kimble, we investigate the nature of the Dark Occultists, as the specific group behind world domination, and as a larger category of types of individuals into the dark/light occult.

What is the dark occult and how is it differentiated from the light occult?

Are the global elites Dark Initiates? Or knowledgeable sorcerers who use Spiritual Understanding for evil as to trick "the dead"?

In this video-essay, we will examine the powerful myths and dogmas that hold us back. For those patiently waiting for some of my Occult Philosophy work, hopefully this will hit the spot! Much love...


  • Introduction
  • I. Holistic Evil?
  • 2. Using Natural Law To Enslave?
  • 3. Who Are The Dark Occultists? / What Is Dark Occultism?
  • 4. Karma Deflection? Order Givers/Order-Followers
  • S. The Knowledge Of The Dark Occultists
  • 6. Esoteric And Exoteric Religion
  • 7. War Against The Dark Occultists


Nice material, mostly composed of Mark Passio's lectures.

Does this touch on the O9A, Aquino and how they related ultimately to Trump?

JanaESP sticks to fact-based stuff.