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Definitive Free Energy Reference Library DVD ISO (2014)

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Definitive Free Energy Reference Library DVD ISO (2014)

This is the 2014 edition of a former torrent. Have you ever regretted having made a backup? No? Therefore I have decided to completely mirror some of the most important internet sites hosting files on free energy. This torrent contains the complete directory structure and content (mostly html, pdf and jpg files) of the following sites: (experiments) (experiments) (Tom Bearden's site) (experiments) (experiments)

This torrent also contains my entire free energy ebooks collection: 636.7 MB, 391 ebooks, mostly pdf files.

authors: Tesla, Whittaker, Bearden, Meyl, Bedini, Grey, Coler (UFO engine), Kron, Moray, Puthoff, Sterling et al.

* The Cold Fusion Reactor Projects
* The GFS-UAV project a RC flying saucer
* The BingoFuel Project
* The Vallée Synergetic Generator
* Free Energy from Atomic Hydrogen with the MAHG
* Plasma - OAUGDP - MHD researches
* The Chung's Negative Resistance experiment
* Some Westlund's Experiments conducted by JL Naudin
* Tests of the Solid State Infinite Power Supply (IPS) from Ossie Callanan
* Tests of the Jeff Cook's device by JL Naudin
* The ACG-POD (Power on Demand) from Tim Harwood and John Jankowski
* The HEP experiment

technical: I have created two DVD ISO image files, otherwise the resulting .torrent file would have been way too big due to the extremely high number of files (30'863).