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Deep Sound Healing 432Hz Theta Binaural Meditation ALAC

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Deep Sound Healing 432Hz Theta Binaural Meditation ALAC “I think of composing music as a “sadhana” or spiritual practice because as I look into the structure of music and work to align my intention with this divine mechanism, I am often transported beyond myself. Sometimes the veil is lifted and the hidden structures of creation become visible, if only for a moment. And when my heart and mind are clear enough, I’m able to translate a portion of these insights into the music and revisit them again and again. If there is a cosmic potency to music that can offer comfort to the soul and provide an evolutionary catalyst to help bring about Union with the Creator, I’ll find a way to share it with you.” ~Asa Idoni, Musical Creator, Source Vibrations Source Vibrations music uses leading edge vibro-acoustic tools for consciousness evolution. We employ sacred geometric sound design, integrating golden mean mathematics, universal harmonics, sacred tunings like 432 Hz and solfeggio frequencies for establishing resonant fields of internal coherence. Our music uses an emerging Golden Age synthesis technology, converging the code of the cosmos within the structural design of engineered sound. Embedded with mathematically tuned brainwave entrainment technology, our music promotes hemisphere synchronization, cognitive and bio-energetic evolution, sonically entraining the structures of consciousness into the transcendent frequencies of the Source. In listening regularly, you are activating dormant internal resources that can enhance your clarity, balance, and well-being. Vibrating through interior conduits, these sound sanctuaries act as a gentle solvent, loosening and removing the energetic debris of past memories and emotions, clearing the channels for more abundant life-essence to flow through you. For over 10 years we have produced music in the ambient and sound healing genres. Using brainwave entrainment technology, specific frequencies and tuning methods, we have created a vast array of meditation and sound therapy audio programs. The Source Vibrations team has a profound appreciation for deep science and spirituality, seeking to integrate neuro-acoustics (the science of sound’s effects on the brain) with insights from the mystery traditions. This has lead to the development of a number of techniques that have become an integral part of our composition process and has distinguished our company in the field of sound healing. Similar to the way Leonardo DaVinci would incorporate the golden ratio into his paintings, our compositions apply these techniques in our design process. We feel that when universal organizational principals – such as those revealed through sacred geometry and the perennial wisdom traditions – are applied to music, they become infused with an intention that links together the earth and sky. Over the years we have received countless messages from our listeners describing the wonderful results they get in their lives when they’ve made a regular practice of meditation and self-care using our music. It has been a great blessing to provide a resource that can nourish people in such a way. And as we’ve been exceptionally gratified by exploring this field, there is a call for expansion. The horizon has many new landscapes to reveal, and we’re excited to discover them with you. ALAC 01 Deep Sound Healing ~ 432Hz Theta Binaural Meditation ~ Transcending Trauma.m4a 01 Secret Fire ~ Live 432Hz Transmission Part 1.m4a 02 Secret Fire ~ Live 432Hz Transmission Part 2.m4a tags: brainwaves, neural, relaxation, meditation, binaural, brainwaves, subliminal, health, healing
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