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Deek Jackson : Valhalla or Hell - you choose.

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Valhalla or Hell - you choose (music vid)

Be very sure you believe something thats nice,
cos when you go thats whats happening
thats happening to you....

Im a musician , comedian (sort of) and maker of video. If you like the FKN Newz visit If you like my music checkout and if you want to change the world instead of talking about it, join us at to spread the facts, buy the planet and free the world. One Time
Do thy will! I am
Country: Bhutan

Shop for victory Spend for your lives Die in debt.
Laugh cry and disagree with the FKN Newz, a weekly show of comedy half truths and ill informed rumour.
Theres nothing fascists like less than people singing dancing laughing and expressing themselves..If I cant sing and dance and poke fun at the revolution im not coming...Would all believers in the after life please kill themselves, This is my only existence in the universe and your FKN it up. Live yourself to death,shop for victory,spend for your lives, die in debt. Perform dont compete Hahahahah.