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Deek Jackson : SWINE FLU VACCINE IS PISH Fkn Newz 30 July 09

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Hello terror suspects welcome to the FKN Newz Im high on life here are the head lies tonight…

As the global panic er pandemic of fear flu spreads across the world by media contact, endless repetition on tv radio newspapers and the internet. Developed countries are preparing massive vaccination scams er programs to distract their populations from slavery and mind fuck, er sorry that should be protect their populations from sickness and death..In the UK 130 million doses of the vaccine have been ordered and mass indoctrination of the oppressed will begin soon , er i mean mass inoculation of those at risk. Here’s a report from our medical corespondent Sick profitmonger..Swine flu may not have killed many people…but lets not worry about that its still going to make some people very rich. Although 20,000 african children die everyday from easily treatable common illness , we don’t give a fuck about them , instead the chance of one white industrial asset in 500, 000 dying from swine flu is much more worrying. Swine flu !! a vaccine marketer’s dream, scary but treatable, dangerous but not deadly , swine flu ill bet we can all afford to be cured. We asked the vaccines manufacturer if we could have a dose for free but they said “fuck off what do you think we are a charity”. So we asked government health minister if the cost was necessary given the low death rate from infection and the fact that the taleban killed more people in afghanistan last week than swine flu ever has…Well what you’ve got to realise is that swine flu wont be the last scary global problem that comes along, soon a scarier problem needing more money from more people will come along , by that time we want everybody to be completely hoodwinked and subservient to any global institutions trying to inject them with shit and charge them for the privilege..
The internet is full of worrying tales of the vaccine being a poison or containing a mind control gene, some say the elite of earth plan to cull humanity to save the fake economy and assure their everlasting rule as elite stupid selfish, destructive monkey people. Some say we should fight them and resist one world government and population control,at least until nicer people step forward to rule over us er run the planet others say “Whop bop a lula a bim bam boo” back to you high on life, thanks sick profit monger there , well bring you moron how to be afraid of things that haven’t happened yet as this story gets written
President Obama met with the protagonists of a race row in the white house , over a beer, Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates and police sergeant Jim Crowley met the president to discuss a controversy over race that erupted during an incident at the scholar’s home.fkn news acquired exclusive footage of Obama at the event…donchoo crackers get it , the shoo s on the other foot naaah, Im tellin you buddy, im takin care o business naaa any more fuckin wid the brothers yo gonna hafta deal wid me, aaaright , naa you apologise to mr gates or ill have the secret service workout on yo ass till de vepolo , deolop, devein, till you get the right attitude aawrtight President Obama there doing his bit for the use of beer in settling legal disputes’ footnote to that story we hear all three drinkers have been spotted in a bar down town, ordering tequila and singing yankydoodle
The UK’s extradition laws have been attacked as “unfair” by the human rights group Liberty..who have called for a review of the deal The treaty has been criticised because opponents say it is not reciprocal: the US does not need to present evidence to a British court to request extradition, while the UK still needs to present evidence to an American court. We spoke to former Liberal Democrat leader Ming see if we could get him to call The US nazi fascist scum ..Min are the american government nazi fascist scum , yes but are they bullying oppressive tyrants with a penchant for torture and hypocrisy when it comes to freedom…Ming i must press you on this question should we send innocent people to america on the say of some jumped up office clerk thank you Ming Kampala Home Office spokesperson said there were no plans to review the Extradition Act and that “The US is a trusted extradition partner with a mature legal system and it guarantees appropriate safeguards within its domestic courts.” hahahaha ha

In the UK the propaganda mill has its work cut out for it spewing chunky dribbly pish about 3 wars spanning 100 yrs al in one day. heres are security corespondent sebastian arms trade arse licker. Today is a day many have waited for as the Iraq war inquiry is launched to end speculation as to its legality , to shut up whinging relatives of the dead and to stop any further questioning of the UKS role in murdering millions of arabs, we are told it will be “as open as possible” with hearings televised and streamed online. and that although there was no legal basis, in the inquiry, to make people give evidence under oath. “If someone were foolish or wicked enough to tell a serious untruth in front of the inquiry, their reputation would be destroyed utterly and forever. It won’t happen.” of course it wont sir john absolutely you’d have to be a bounder to lie about these lies you told to start a fake war ..hahahah Then theres the Afghan war as more coffins parade thro the streets of wooten basset , members of the public line the streets to jeer and insult our rubbish soldiers for not having killed enough towel headed sand peasants before getting killed themselves, we at FKN news wonder who hasnt died, the people who started the war are not dead, those who profit from the arms trade ..not dead, the lying politicians who support our murder of innocent civilians ..not dead..but we must go on in afghanistan because we are told it is the heart of terrorist hatred for the west on earth and it is not possible to even discuss bombing the US OR UK anywhere but afghanistan , no not even in an amsterdam bed sit or saudi palace, only in Afghanistan is it possible to be a terrorist and that is why we must kill all Afghani people er i mean taliban. Finally the funeral of harry patch a man who didnt die in a war , but lived on thro several more , forced to join the army as a young boy he killed many people for the queen , but didnt die himself thus avoiding making the ultimate sacrifice and relieving us of owning him a great debt anything at all, The Queen has said Mr Allingham was “one of the generation who sacrificed so much for us me” not adding its a pity I can no longer order young people to kill and die for me any more those were the days…thanks bow the weather
rich powerful people rule the world, they always have, always will and theres nothing you can do about it..have a nice weekend…