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Deception and Abuse at the Fed: Henry B. Gonzalez Battles Alan Greenspan's Bank (2008)

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FED is like Greek mythology monster which eat people’s energy worldwide with debt, usury, inflation and money supply/demand cycles.
In this important book you will understand that FED is multinational corporation, with 500 employees and many consultants from all countries around the world. Facts from Henry Gonzalez, written by Aeuerbach are official documents provided by FED chairman. What is more important, you will find testimonies how majority of Keynesian economists employed by FED part time/full time don’t understand the real money economy. For the salary of 130000$, they simply comply with company policies and promote false economic theories in media.

Harsh truth from the book – even in 21 century, 99% of the people doesn’t understand the money. Economists doesn’t understand the money! Those who understand doesn’t care about others. When you read the book, you will realize there is no conspiracy, only smart rich people use weakness of human psychology to enrich themselves…

We don’t care and love each other - that’s the reason why FED is possible.