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Deadly Cults series (2019 & 2020)

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"Deadly Cults" dives into unhinged murder cases in which investigators uncover and expose the dark world of cults that kill. The series explores how power and manipulation can lead to extreme actions. Each case is recounted through interviews with investigators, former cult leaders, and the family and friends closest to the victims. Look behind the eyes of cult leaders and the psychology behind them as they exploit fear and hatred in their followers' minds and hearts.

I found this series while curating the Heaven's Gate collection (and uploaded one episode already there). However, the series is pretty interesting and worth sharing on its own.

  1. S01E01 "Vampire Clan" - Roderrick Justin "Rod" Ferrell

      Led a loose-knit gang of teenagers from Murray, Kentucky, known as the "Vampire Clan".
  2. S01E02 "Kirtland Murders" - Jeffrey Don Lundgren
      Led a Latter Day Saint movement-based cult and interpreted scripture using an unconventional method that he described as "chiastic".
  3. S01E03 "Killers of Rulo" - Michael Wayne Ryan
      led a small, anti-government and white-supremacist group that occupied a compound near Rulo, Nebraska, in the early 1980s.
  4. S01E04 "Palo Mayombe" - Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo
      Led an infamous gang that was dubbed the Narcosatanists involved in multiple ritualistic killings in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
  5. S02E01 "Spiritual Warriors" - James Arthur Ray
      After three obedient followers die during an intense sweat lodge ceremony put on by a prominent self-help guru, police must determine if their deaths were accidental, or if the guru pushed the participants too far.
  6. S02E02 "Angel's Landing" - Daniel Perez, also known as Lou Castro
      led a commune known as Angel's Landing, and collected millions of dollars in life insurance payouts from dead members.
  7. S02E03 "Online Alien Reptiles" - Sherry Shriner
      Believes a “New World Order” is threatening humanity, an evil conspiracy hatched by aliens and other evil beings.
  8. S02E04 "Heaven's Gate" - Marshall Applewhite
      'nuff said
  9. S02E05 "The Camp" - Gerald Cruz
      Led a trailer park cult in a brutal rampage that killed four in Salida, California.
  10. S02E06 "The Ervilites" - Ervil Morrell LeBaron
      Led a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group who was accused of ordering the killings of many of his colleagues. The religious doctrine of blood atonement was used to justify the murders.
  11. S02E07 "The Gatekeepers" - Chris Turgeon
      Led a Bible study with a few of his friends and turned the group into a cult that followed his every command… even when he ordered them to commit murder.
  12. S02E08 "Synanon" - Charles E. "Chuck" Dederich Sr
      Led an alternative community centered on group truth-telling sessions that came to be known as the "Synanon Game". It has been called one of the "most dangerous and violent cults America had ever seen"


watch the first one in each season. Roderrick Justin "Rod" Ferrell freaks me out...just the photos and videos of him cause me to rank him with a charlie manson mentality...and james arthur ray in the second season is kind of my hero...he had a hand in changing my life...I wouldn't put him the same category as NXIVM or Heaven's Gate but, alas, he was a negligent numbskull who allowed some people to die

Many thanks for the upload