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Dawson Creek RCMP murder the wrong Anon for BC Hydro

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RCMP officers were called out to the Fixx restaurant in Dawson Creek, British Columbia to take care of a loud-mouthed guy in a Guy Fawkes mask at what was supposed to be a public comment meeting sponsored by BC Hydro to elicit opinion regarding the proposed Site C project on the Peace River. They arrived and promptly killed a guy lurking near the entrance wearing a Guy Fawkes mask by shooting him on his right side. They stood around and watched him die on the pavement. It turns out the loudmouth Anon inside wasn't the same Anon they murdered outside. Oops.

File contains all CBC footage and Vancouver evening news concerning the event known to exist. It also contains some footage the CBC were too pussy to release. There is also a call by Anonymous to take revenge, which appears fake, since it only calls for "doxing" one of the three or four RCMP officers involved and completely ignores the hypocrisy of BC Hydro calling the cops at a public comment meeting. There is a slight possibility one faction of Anon was attempting to have another Anon faction murdered by cop and engineered the entire incident. More likely the cops just murdered the wrong guy. Caveat emptor. Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see. If you look closely, the Irmen cell-phone footage shows the victim does appear to be wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. The other cell-phone footage is basically useless.