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David Wilcock - Wisdom Teachings - S22-S29

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This TV show is about so many topics as physics, spirituality, alternative science, alternative physic theories, esoteric philosophy, historical facts, news and alternative news, ancient history, ancient artifacts, and disclosure. It is produced as an eye-opening and a redefining of our world. David Wilcock is the host of this show and will wrap all of this up in an intelligible and enlightening way. Just when you think he has blown your mind away, he will blow it away even further


David Wilco*k and Corey Goode - two people that are going to HELL for the endless lies they told.

I agree that guy who is the leader of the blue chicken cult and another guy who is a close friend of many Illuminati tho he is fighting against "Cabal" the term that he himself made up ))

I have come to the conclusion over many years of paying some attention to David Wilcock that he is extremely gullible and will believe almost anything. He is an adamant believer in Q-Anon and has become too political in recent years, which has severely hurt his credibility, imho. And many of his so-called "insiders" are probably taking him and his followers for one wild ride, including that of Corey Goode. There probably is some sort of "cabal" or "secret space program", but the information espoused by Wilcock and Goode on this subject are way too nutty to be believed and makes a joke out of the entire subject.

I tuned in to one of his five hour broadcasts during the beginning of the scamdemic. There was a point where he walked to the back of the room he was broadcasting in to speak with his wife. He didn't think the microphone could pick up what he was whispering. He wanted her to come talk for a while, I don't know, maybe had to pee. He whispered as clear as a bell "just talk about any bullshit" 🙄.

Some of his scientific research is worthwhile, such as The Source Field Investigations - one of his earlier books. But most of what he does is dangle a carrot to his viewership and make "predictions" (he believes he is the reincarnation of "prophet" Edgar Cayce). Connecting the dots and making bold predictions is primarily the bullshit he knows he can make money off of. His LiveStream YouTube videos bring in thousands of dollars of donations...

Wilcock is a competent researcher of ancient history and suppressed physics, but his endless predictions of "mass arrests of the cabal" (up to 10yrs worth and counting) make him look and sound does his massive ego. He has a loyal following but so did Jim Jones