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David Wilcock - The Science of Peace

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IS there a "consciousness field" of "radiant mind energy" that we all share? Is this field causing "Global Warming" on Earth... and similar effects throughout the entire solar system?
Does the Field have any effect on DNA, including the ability to completely transform one species into another? Is such a 21st-century model of evolution actually happening to us... right now?
Is this 'Mind Field' the ultimate answer to solving financial collapse, terrorism, violent crime and all manner of Earth Changes, leading to a true Science of Peace? ...


Join David Wilcock as he teams up with nine-time Grammy award winning musician and recording engineer Larry Seyer to bring you three consecutive seminars -- over 200 minutes -- of groundbreaking new material.

Larry has nourished the sound of over 500 A-list recording artists to their maximum potential, and is an incredible guitarist and composer in his own right.

Larry and David teamed up to co-create soul-stirring music that weaves its way throughout your entire adventure of discovery:

Scientific proof that plants, animals and bacteria are all communicating with each other on an "energetic" level -- measurable in their electrical activity
Laboratory evidence that living cells from your own body pick up 'signals' from you -- even if you are hundreds of miles away!
How your own mind is not as "private" as you think -- you are constantly receiving measurable 'psychic' signals
Simple Russian pyramids that cure cancer, kill viruses, heal all illnesses, repair ozone holes, quell earthquakes, deflect major storms and purify the water
7000 people in simple meditation reduce global terrorism by 72 percent -- how it works, why it works and exercises to help you activate this potential
How your consciousness can ease Earth Changes just like the Russian pyramid effects -- Earth Changes as a reflection of collective disharmony
DNA as a resonant antenna for the 'consciousness field' -- and proof that it can re-arrange within a living embryo, creating a complete metamorphosis of species
How our Solar System is moving into a more charged region of the Galaxy -- and its connection to "Ascension"
Evidence of multiple energetic 'evolution' events in the fossil record -- and how they occur in even cycles of time, triggered by Galactic energy, not 'random mutation'
Proof that ancient prophecies - Mayan Calendar, et cetera -- have validity and new scientific meaning for today
What changes in mind, body and spirit we can expect in our imminent future -- and how best to prepare for them
Grammy-award winning musician's soundtrack -- guitar lullabies, New Age meditative, acid jazz, funk/fusion, trance and more
Extended meditation section to heal unresolved issues so you can directly connect with your Higher Self