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David Martin Collection (2020-2021) v0.1

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I genuinely think, no-one has come as close to solving covid as David Martin.

If you disagree, then who?

I have gathered the best talks he's given that I am aware of, and could find, or had saved. Please, if you know of others, link them in the comments.

I've deliberately excluded Plandemic 2, I'll maybe include it later. I plan on updating the torrent with your contributions.

I would say, these are required watching. Plenty of the information repeats but you need that repetition to understand it.

2020-09-07 London Real - Exposing Moderna.mp4
2021-05-21 Free & Brave Session 1 with Judy Mikovits.mp4
2021-05-21 Free & Brave Session 5.mp4
2021-07-09 German Corona Inquiry Committee Testimony.mp4
2021-08-20 The Highwire - Challenging the Fact-Checkers.mp4
2021-10-01 with Emily Moyer - Closing the Loop.mp4
2021-11-05 Wise Traditions - Weaponization of Coronavirus - When Nature is Conscripted to Harm.mp4
2021-11-06 Red Pill Expo - Follow the Patents and You Will Understand Covid.mp4

The filenames are designed to sort in date order, and also so you can find the original talk just by typing the name into DDG.


I could encode to 720p x265 or x264. Those 1.5GB+ files should drop under 400MB.

zoopenhoff wrote:

would you prefer a smaller torrent?

yes, please, and thanks for your efforts

This copy seems to be grabbed from a livestream and is jerky. I imagine they will release better quality videos.