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David Icke - Where from Here? (2021) [25fps 720p x265]

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Another 7-hour epic from the prophet, David Icke. This is a great place for newbies to start, with just enough new information to keep existing fans interested.

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Live and streamed exclusively on Ickonic, author and speaker David Icke presents his ground-breaking new live streamed presentation.

The man who called current world events 30 years ago and has been long talking of the agenda for mass control now rolling out across the globe.

In this online event David will lay out where we go from here, how does the world get out of the mess it's currently in and how does humanity get its dignity and freedom back? David lays out the roadmap to freedom in this 6 hour live stream.

Part One - The Nature of Reality (Who are we? What are we? Where are we?)
Part Two - Why is the world as it is? (Applying reality to the World today)
Part Three - Stand Firm and Stand Up for Yourself (Resist the Abuse)