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David Icke Interview With London Real TV (Blocked by Youtube)

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One of Ickies best interviews ever has been blocked by Youtube. This low-res copy from Bitchute has been remastered to fix an audio sync issue.

Enjoy and reshare to as many places as you can as a protest against censorship.

Hashtag #ModernDayBookBurning


I watched this on YouTube and didn't hear anything which Icke has not said previously dozens of times so I was puzzled that it should be censored.

It's my (limited) understanding that this was removed on copyright reasons instigated by London Real. To watch the interview on their website requires logging in.

Unless the subject of an interview has been paid, it seems a bit unethical to prevent them from sharing it, so I assume that their claim of ownership has a contractual basis.
same guy has downloaded and then reupped it after run thru a encoder..
split the seeds and peers guy again :/
thanx for the up...altho icke needs 2 grains of salt