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David Icke - The Answer Live

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David Icke - The Answer Live


Is this the 'Ickonic' livestream that was requested here?

Thank you.

Thanks for joining the uploaders here. I am not sure if your torrent has successfully seeded yet. Try stopping and starting it again.

The step I always forget is to download the new torrent file, and seed using that.

@clegg: If you cannot figure out how to seed it, just upload (as a link) to and post the link here and somebody else can upload it later.

LBRY is cool

I tried private messaging clegg, but he/she has disappeared for now....

Funny that there was no info or metadata at all -- guess we have to chalk it up to the lunatic fringe and move on...

is it not possible to just scrape together the series from other sources? like this

Yes, that looks to be what this torrent was based off of. Same name etc. To be honest, I have not watched an entire David Icke presentation, but I always value sharing information and trying to get it out there.

David Icke seems to be quite prolific recently, not sure if all of his presentations contain new information.

I was going through my old files the other day and found a short 2-minute clip of him on a gameshow from about 20 years ago. He is such a character. you can't take guys like that seriously -- they are trump in a different suit. Then again, as the saying (never) goes, "a fool and his mind are soon parted..."

or maybe i should say: " a reptile and his money are soon parted"...