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Dark Psychology Secrets by Richard Covert

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Would you like to Discover the Tricks of every relationship to be No Longer the Controlled One, but the one Who is in Control of the situation?
Have you ever wondered how do some people Get Whatever they Want from others?

There are No Magic Tricks and you don’t have to be a genius. The Only Real Difference between Who Manipulates and Who is Manipulated, between who masters his life and who is a servant for someone else is the use of Dark Psychology.

You may have negatively heard something of it, almost disturbing. Actually, Dark Psychology is not only the forbidden side of psychology but the most used by everyone every day – without even realizing it.

In the Workplace, with Friends, in a Love Affair, we all use words, phrases, tricks to get what we want. The difference between a Happy Life Full of Satisfactions and One Full of Disappointments and frustrations is How Effectively we can exploit the Dark Part of the Psychology and its secrets.
In Dark Psychology Secrets you will not only learn all the tricks to master the Art of Mind Control and Covert Manipulation, the NLP Techniques and all the tricks of Dark Seduction and Deception with Practical Examples to replicate in everyday life, but you will also learn how to identify those who use these techniques against you and How to Protect Yourself.

You Will Learn:

What is Dark Psychology and why it's so important in everyday life?
The Dark Triad: what is and How to Detect and avoid the Toxic People who try to control you
What is Neurolinguistic Programming and how to master its techniques to reach a higher mental level
How to use the Dark Psychology and Modern NLP Techniques to Achieve Your Goals
The Brainwashing and Hypnosis techniques application and how they can be used against you
The importance of Deception and How to Stop Being Deceived
All the tricks of the Dark Seduction to Conquer Anyone and how to avoid falling into the trap of those who try to seduce you just to exploit you

Even if you think that these are complex psychological techniques and that you are not the right person to use them, reading this guide you will find that they are tricks that you have been trying to use all your life, albeit with little effectiveness and without realizing it.
All you need to finally Take Control of Your Life and your relationship with others are the right Techniques that You will Find in this Book and some daily work.

If you are Tired of Being Exploited by your Employer, your Colleagues, those who pretend to love you and the many Fake Friends who just want to take advantage of you Becoming the Puppeteer and Stop Being the Puppet, download this torrent!