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Dark History of Monsanto

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Dark History of Monsanto [Mini Documentary]

On Saturday May 25th 2013 The March Against Monsanto saw millions in 436 cities in 52 countries challenging biotech corporations and protesting against genetically modified foods, which despite bans in some states due to potential health hazards remain legal in many others.

This video gives a quick over view of Monsanto's dark history in the involvement of producing an abundant of commercial toxic chemicals to being involved with environmental warfare in Vietnam by producing Agent Orange which has left the country with children still being born deformed to this day. Their fertilizers, their herbicides and GMO foods are nothing but trash for the human body and is causing bodily harm to anyone who eats it for long periods of time.

March Against Monsanto:

Dark History of Monsanto:

Effects of GMO corn fed to rats:

Entropy Journal on April 18th 2013, suggests that heavy use of Roundup, could lead to health problems:

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