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Daniel Amen-Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

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Title Page
Introduction to the Paperback Edition
1. For Those Who Have Eyes, Let Them See
Images Into the Mind
2. Carving Knives and Tooth Fairies
A Prelude to the Brain and Behavior
3. Looking Into Love and Depression
The Deep Limbic System
4. Enhancing Positive Thought Patterns and Strengthening Connections
Deep Limbic System Prescriptions
5. Looking Into Anxiety and Fear
The Basal Ganglia
6. Mastering Fear
Basal Ganglia Prescriptions
7. Looking Into Inattention and Impulsivity
The Prefrontal Cortex
8. Becoming Focused
Prefrontal Cortex Prescriptions
9. Looking Into Worry and Obsessiveness
The Cingulate System
10. Getting Unstuck
Cingulate System Prescriptions
11. Looking Into Memory and Temper
The Temporal Lobes
12. Enhancing Experience
Temporal Lobe Prescriptions
13. The Dark Side
Violence: A Combination of Problems
14. Brain Pollution
The Impact of Drugs and Alcohol on the Brain
15. The Missing Links
Drugs, Violence, and the Brain
16. I Love You and I Hate You, Touch Me, No, Don’t, Whatever
Brain Patterns That Interfere with Intimacy
17. Help!
When and How to Seek Professional Care
18. Who Is Andrew Really?
Questions About the Essence of Our Humanity
19. Brain Dos and Brain Don’ts
A Summary of Ways to Optimize Brain Function and Break Bad Brain Habits
Appendix: Medication Notes
About the Amen Clinic
About the Author
Praise for Change Your Brain, Change Your Life