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Dane Spotts Ultra Meditation VI Eternity 2nd ed ALAC MP3

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Eternity: Ultra Meditation VI - Advanced Ultra Meditation Soundtracks - Two Experimental Ultra Meditation Soundtracks (2000)

This torrent replaces the previous torrent of the same name that had a rather poor audio quality. That was the one I had error corrected by hand! This one lasts longer too.

A new technique has been employed on these two experimental soundtracks to assist in launching your soul on its journey to transcendence. Both soundtracks on this CD use a sophisticated neuro-matrix to induce a deep altered states experience. A special 3-D sound algorithm was employed to enhance this process leading the mind on an extreme aural experience. Each soundtrack is approximately 30 minutes in length. The first called "Soul Journey" uses an audio spiral sound form to launch your mind state. Then you can stay in the experience with track two "Being" which incorporates quiescent vibrations and sound forms to quiet the mind and can hold you in the "eternity" state for an extended period. Both of these soundtracks incorporate silent affirmations to help deprogram any negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs. Journaling is strongly recommended.

User reviews: This product is excellent. I have used these particular meditation CD's for over 10 years and I find them to be an awesome experience every time. As long as you can allot the 30 minutes to go into a Zen state every day, the results you will have will be astounding, guaranteed. Meditation in general will have these effects, but we all don't have the experience of getting to the proper states for maximum benefit. These CD's put it all in your hands. Just find the time and do it. This is the last in the Ultra Meditation series, so don't start with this one!! You really have to work up through all of the versions, otherwise you will be annoyed -- also guaranteed. Cheers and good luck, and most importantly, happy mind walking!

Extremely potent. I have done a lot of research on stress reduction programs going back to the early 70's. I have taken the Silva program, meditation training and purchased numerous CD and Tape programs over the years. Based on that experience I can say that the Ultra Meditation program delivers what it promises. Within minutes of starting the first CD you will find yourself totally relaxed and at peace. As you move through the set you will find yourself going into deeper meditative states and will find that you are calmer and more focused during the rest of your day. I would give this series a big thumbs up.

comment: This stuff is rather unique like the complete Ultra Meditation series. This will activate your chakras like nothing else you've heard before.

specs: ALAC Apple lossless and MP3 VBR V0

01 Soul Journey.m4a - running time: 29:39
02 Being.m4a - running time: 30:56
01 Soul Journey.mp3 - running time: 29:39
02 Being.mp3 - running time: 30:56


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2 | 29:39:34 | 30:56:26 | 133459 | 272684

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