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Dancing With The Devil (C4 Banned Season 1991) Bvalltu XViD.avi

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it freedom of expression or are heavy metal artists dancing with the devil? During the satanic panic era of the late 80's and early 90's, there were record burnings, ridiculous accusations of subliminal messages within songs and lawsuits--all aimed at the supression of rock music. Highlights include the senate hearings with Tipper Gore v. the rock music industry, a man who tried to blow his head off from listening to too much Black Sabbath and best of all, some preacher who plays 'Another One Bites the Dust' by Queen backwards and shows us what they're really saying--("It's fun to smoke marijuana").


"Remember that a few years ago, you play albums backwards there are satanic messages? Let me tell you something, if you've ever sat around playing your albums backwards, you are Satan."
Bill Hicks

indeed - the very fact that someone would go to that length to try and cast dispersion upon something… is mind boggling… not to mention the garbled mumbo jumbo they interpret as this message or that - speaks to a very disturbed and dark individual…. try listening to the albums forward… they sound much better that way… wankers