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Curing Ebola Malaria Cancer with Jim Humble MMS CDS pack

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Curing Ebola Malaria Cancer with Jim Humble MMS CDS pack

Making CDS

FOREWORD - After several years of CDS development the technique given here is what we now consider the easiest, and the most pure CDS yet developed as of this date 4/12/13CDS was developed by Andreas Kalcker Phd using MMS and later this basic principle of creating CDS was developed by a member of our Church the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. We lost his name but when he comes forward we will acknowledge his contribution.

CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

CDS is made by taking only the gas from MMS and dissolving it in pure distilled water or reverse osmosis water if distilled water is not available. It is now done at room temperature thus making it more likely that no impurities are driven out of the MMS. The MMS is activated with a special acid that you can make or obtain and set so that the gas (chlorine dioxide) coming from the MMS will drop down and dissolve in the distilled water that is present. We have gotten better results in some cases especially with those who are very sensitive to the acid or other impurities. You should also understand that CDS is not as effective as MMS as it is missing some of the original components because only the gas is dissolved in the water. We now use CDS mainly with people who are extremely sick and cannot, at first, take MMS directly. After a few days using CDS we then usually put them back on MMS.


comment: Honestly, I don't know if MMS also works against Ebola, but considering that MMS-CDS is even capable of coping with Malaria, an extremely resilient disease, there's a good chance that it will cope with that disease too. And with MMS you can always use a stronger dose without reaching the toxic level, something that cannot be done with most pharmaceutical drugs. Actually, I'm a colloidal-silver-man, even owning a colloidal silver generator, but with extreme diseases such as Ebola, I'd prefer using MMS. Don't expect your government to ever tell you anything positive about either colloidal silver or MMS-CDS. The corporations hate both of them with a passion, since they cannot be patented, as you may know.