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the culture war of the Somewheres versus the Anywheres

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I live abroad and have not been subjected to daily does of Canadian corporate controlled media. But one recent CBC headline caught my attention: "Where you live is who you are". The article was about something said by Erin O'Toole, Canada's Conservative Leader:

"It comes down to a clash of vision between the 'Somewheres' and the 'Anywheres' — those who love their trade, their pursuit, and are loyal to local businesses, versus those whom the government wants to flock to a trendy job that is no way connected to the community or the betterment of our country."

I thought that was really interesting and had completely missed the reference. It turns out that Canada's former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper published a book in 2018 about that topic which O'Toole is re-framing. And as I read Harper's book, it is a very good book that neatly summarizes a lot of what happened and has come to pass. Seeding here in case of interest for others.

The CBC article continued:

"But the theory originated with David Goodhart, a British writer whose own book, The Road to Somewhere, linked the Brexit vote to leave the European Union — and other populist revolts, including the election of Donald Trump — to divisions over culture and identity.

In short, Goodhart posits that the traditional politics of left and right, liberal and conservative, are now overlaid by a "larger and looser" distinction "between the people who see the world from Anywhere and the people who see it from Somewhere."" Also, seeding here in case of interest for others.