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Cult Of The Medics Chapter 1 to 4 - David Whitehead (2021)

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Cult Of The Medics Chapter 1 to 4
David Whitehead, Truth Warrior Productions 2021

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David Whitehead wrote:

Released September 1st, 2021
Chapter One of a new documentary series about the occult history of the medical industrial complex, created by David Whitehead. Something is terribly wrong with our world. Deep down I am sure you feel it or you would not be watching a series like this. So strap yourself in. It is time we learn about and explore one of the world’s most ancient and most powerful cults, that I refer to as “the cult of the medics."

Released September 15, 2021
Chapter Two explores the history of the Knights of Malta, the Red Cross, the concept of "sustainable development", the founding of the United Nations, and the difference between conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts.

Released October 1, 2021
Chapter Three explores the Nuremberg Trials, the Nuremberg Code, and individual rights. I then investigate the Jim Jones cult and compare it to current events. Discussions on Blackrock and Vanguard also featured.

Released October 22, 2021
Chapter Four delves into these subjects: The nature/origins of evil. The dark history of human sacrifice, human experimentation, bizarre cult rituals. Mind control/crowd control. The one vs the many. The psychic war on consciousness. The warrior path.


It's really good.

It's not so good as the unofficial Concen telegram, but I wanted a reminder for episode 5.