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Crop Circles - Quest for Truth (2002)

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Crop Circles - Quest for Truth (2002) IMDB rating: 7.0 Crop Circles: Quest For Truth is a fascinating examination of the exquisite geometric patterns that have been appearing for years in fields all over the world. Director William Gazecki takes the exploration from fiction to fact, drawing some shocking conclusions as he offers a rare glimpse into the inner sanctum of scientists studying crop circle formations. Visually stunning cinematography shot on location enhances this feature-length documentary which includes rare footage and interviews with leading researchers. From the Contributor "Of the 100-180 or so formations that have appeared in southern England every summer for the past 12 years, it is highly doubtful that more than a few were surreptitiously and secretly manmade - the facts don't add up for anything more than a handful of convincing fakes in any given year. That leaves a huge, unexplained and authentic phenomenon. My assertion, which is absolutely 100% certain and unabashed, is that in fact there are hundreds if not thousands of authentic Crop Circles that have appeared in the past somewhere in the world. They are real!" --William Gazecki, Director of Crop Circles: Quest For Truth About the Actor William Gazecki’s current projects include three feature-length documentaries: Crop Circles: Quest For Truth, on the Crop Circle phenomenon; Journey on the history of psychedelics; and a compelling Canadian story detailing the abuses by the Roman Catholic Church and the Quebec government entitled The Orphans of Duplessis. William Gazecki came to documentary filmmaking from an accomplished career as an Emmy Award-winning motion picture sound mixer and record producer. Raised in San Francisco, he began exploring an interest in music as a teenager during the iconic 1970’s. In the late ‘70’s, Gazecki and record producer and pioneer Paul Rothchild produced a number of Gold and Platinum albums, including The Rose with Bette Midler and two record albums by The Doors. In the 1980’s Gazecki segued into film post-production sound. Working for veteran film sound mixer Buzz Knudson at Todd A-O Studios, he moved into the demanding field of dramatic television series. Gazecki received four Emmy Award nominations for his work on Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere," and an International Monitor Award in 1987 for thirty-something. He was also honored by the Cinema Audio Society and the Society of Motion Picture Sound Editors. Despite growing success in the Hollywood entertainment industries, Gazecki turned his attention to documentary filmmaking. This was borne out of his personal convictions: a desire to objectively voice the pressing social problems of the day and a passion to make a contribution to the community. Extensive study in music recording and producing -- coupled with a passionate interest in "learning from the best" -- led to employment with leading recording companies including Electra-Asylum-Nonesuch and Rhino Records. Early years included work with such major recording artists as Fleetwood Mac, Leo Sayer and Joe Cocker. tags: documentary, crop circle, UFO, aliens, ETs, deception, Illuminati
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