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Criticism of the Western Civilization - Collection 9 (WW1 & WW2)

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Criticism of the Western Civilization - Collection 9 (WW1 & WW2):

Historians often describe the 20th century as an "age of catastrophe", "the most terrible century in Western history", or a "century of massacres and wars."
According to recent estimates, the 20th century, with all its wars (civil and otherwise), cost 187 million lives, more than 10 percent of the population of 1900. It is believed that in WW2 alone more than 55 millions lost their lives.

It is interesting to mention that the 20th century was dominated by the Christian Western powers. Islam as a political power (represented in the Ottoman empire) was declining and receding throughout the 19th century. This was culminated in the fall and complete dissolution of the Ottoman empire in 1922 after WW1. Thus, WW1 and WW2 were wars between predominantly Christian nations, with Japan as the only major non-Christian nation involved in WW2.

Here we have 19 titles that discuss WW1 and WW2. Emphasis is on the causes and results of these two great wars.

- Bacque - Other Losses; The Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Deaths of Disarmed German Soldiers and Civilians (1989)

- Bakeless - Economic Causes of Modern Wars; A Study of the Period 1878-1918 (1921)

- Berghahn - Europe in the Era of Two World Wars; From Militarism and Genocide to Civil Society, 1900-1950 (2006)

- Bourke - Second World War; A Peoples History (2001)

- Broadberry & Harrison - The Economics of World War I (2005)

- De Zayas - A Terrible Revenge; The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, 1944-1950 (1994)

- Dunnigan & Nofi - Dirty Little Secrets Of World War II (1994)

- Hamilton & Herwig - The Origins of World War I (2003)

- History in Dispute, Volume 4 - World War II, 1939-1943 (2000)

- History in Dispute, Volume 5 - World War II, 1943-1945 (2000)

- Kramer - Dynamic of Destruction; Culture and Mass Killing in the First World War (2007)

- Lamberti & Fortunati - Memories and Representations of War; The Case of World War I and World War II (2009)

- Pohl - Ethnic Cleansing in USSR, 1937-1949 (1999)

- Snell - The Outbreak of the Second World War; Design or Blunder (1962)

- Suvorov - Icebreaker; Who Started the Second World War (1988)

- Swain - Between Stalin and Hitler; Class War and Race War on the Dvina, 1940–46 (2004)

- Vilensky - Dew of Death; The Story of Lewisite, America’s World War I Weapon of Mass Destruction (2005)

- Werner - Through the Eyes of Innocents; Children Witness World War II (2000)

- World War II, Countdown to Catastrophe (Marshall Cavendish, 2011)