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Criticism of the Trinity, Incarnation & Atonement - Collection 4

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Criticism of the Trinity, Incarnation & Atonement - Collection 4:

This the 4th upload in the series that criticizes the Trinity doctrine. The UL addresses other related doctrines: incarnation, original sin, and atonement. It contains 19 titles:

1- The Atonement Debate; Papers from the London Symposium on the Theology of Atonement (2008)

2- Kelly - Early Christian Doctrines, 4th Ed. (1968)

3- Zathurecsky - The Messianic Disruption of Trinitarian Theology (2009)

4- Ormerod - The Trinity; Retrieving the Western Tradition (2005)

5- Murphy - God Is Not a Story; Realism Revisited (2007)

6- Monotheist - Some Trinitarian Forgeries (1906)

7- Paine - A Critical History of the Evolution of Trinitarianism (1900)

8- Walter - New Discoveries in the Origins of Christianity (1900)

9- Bloom - Sin and Redemption (2010)

10- McKnight - Jesus and his Death; Historiography, the Historical Jesus and Atonement Theory (2005)

11- Finlan - The Background and Contents of Paul's Cultic Atonement Metaphors (2004)

12- Dunn - Christology in the Making, A New Testament Inquiry into the Origins of Incarnation (1980)

13- Mackintosh - Historic Theories of Atonement (1920)

14- Sabatier - The Doctrine of Atonement and Its Historical Evolution (1904)

15- Lias - Atonement Viewed in Light of Modern Difficulties (1888)

16- McComas - A Rational View of Jesus and Religion (1880)

17- Roberstson - History of Atonement Controversy (1846)

18- Matthies - Christian Salvation (, 2002)

19- Ahmad - Way to Salvation in the Light of Surah al-Asr (2004)

One interesting consequence of the combined doctrines of: original sin + incarnation + atonement + baptism is that unbaptized newborns and infants are bound for hell. This belief is not only absurd, but is cruel and immoral.

It is interesting to note that all these doctrines cannot be found in the Old Testament or in the Gospels or in the teachings of Jesus and the prophets before him. These were all innovations of the pagan Christianity of the 4th century and beyond.

Islam, of course, rejects all of those false Christian doctrines. In Islam a newborn starts with a blank page or an empty record. Even during his childhood his record stays empty. He starts registering the good deeds and the bad deeds (sins) only after he reaches adulthood and becomes responsible for his actions.

The last title in the upload (#19) gives an introduction to the "way of salvation" in Islam.