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Criticism of the Trinity Doctrine - Collection 2

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Criticism of the Trinity - Collection 2:

We visit again the topic of criticism of the doctrine of trinity. Collection 1 on this topic was uploaded early May.

This upload includes an interesting treatise written by Isaac Newton. Yes, the same famous Isaac Newton- the great philosopher, mathematician and physicist. Newton made important contributions to theology as well, and it is a known fact about him that he was extremely critical to the doctrine of trinity. In this treatise he examines two corruptions in the Bible committed by the Trinitarians in order to make it more supportive to the doctrine of trinity.

1- An Historical Account of Two Corruptions of Scripture; By: Issac Newton,

2- Did Early Christians Teach or Believe Trinity Doctrine. This is a nice short article in which the author gives excerpts from about 22 references to prove that early Christians did not teach or believe trinity doctrine. Many of the titles cited in the article were uploaded before or included in this upload.

3- The Trinity Doctrine. A recent review to the trinity doctrine.

4- Dissertations on Unity of God in the Person of the Father, and the Messiahship of Jesus. By: William Christie, 1808.

5- Gifford - An Elucidation of the Unity of God Deduced from Scripture and Reason. By: James Gifford, 1815.

6- Is Trinity Doctrine Divinely Inspired? By: M.A.C, Cave. Mr. Cave was born and raised a Christian, but he converted to Islam. In this essay, he refutes the Trinity doctrine, and examines the position of Islam on this matter..

7- Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Incoherent. By: Dale Tuggy, 2009. A graphical criticism to the Trinity doctrine in a ppt format.

8- Statement of Reasons for Not Believing the Trinitarians Concerning the Nature of God and the Person of Christ. By: Andrew Norton, 1869.

9- Unitarian Christianity; by: W.E. Channing. Delivered at the ordination of Rev. Jared Sparks in the First Independent Church of Baltimore on May 5, 1819.

10- Our Unitarian Gospel. By: M.J. Savage, 1898.

11- A Half Century of the Unitarian Controversy. By: George Ellis, 1857.

12- The Arian Controversy. By: H.M. Gwatkin, 1908. An historical account of the Arian controversy.

13- The Arian Movement in England. By: J. Hay Colligan, 1913.