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Criticism of the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility - A Collection

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Criticism of the Doctrine of Papal Infallibility - A Collection:

This doctrine exists only in Roman Catholicism. It is a recent innovation into Christianity for it was introduced in 1870 by Pope Pius IX at the first Vatican Council. In effect this doctrine teaches us that all the popes (263 of them) are infallible.

Of course, in this information age, we now know the finest details about the lives and characters of the popes. We also know the extent of the crimes against humanity that were committed by many of them. And we can tell that this doctrine of Papal Infallibility is fallible.

This upload includes 18 titles:

1- De Rosa - The Hillarious History of Papal Infallibility (

2- Papal Infallibility (

3- Engwer - The Fallibility of Papal Infallibility (

4- Ray - Against Papal Infallibility (

5- Bishop Strossmayer's Speech on Papal Infallibility (

6- Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX (

7- Salmon - The Infallibility of the Church (1914).

8- Simpson - Roman Catholic Opposition to Papal Infallibility (1909).

9- DelVal - The Truth of Papal Claims (1904).

10- Quinn - Papal Supremacy Examined in Light of Scripture and Reason (1880).

11- Gayer - Papal Infallibility and Supremacy (1877).

12- Schulte - Roman Catholicism Old and New from the Standpoint of Infallibility Doctrine (1876).

13-Janus - The Pope and the Council (1869).

14- Papal Errors: Their Rise and Progress (Religious Tract Society) (1850).

15- Mathias - Popery Not Catholicism: Six Lectures on Infallibility (1851).

16- A Controversy on the Infallibility of the Church of Rome (1852).

17- Garbett - The Nullity of the Roman Faith (1827).

18- The Roman Catholic Religion Examined (