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Criticism of the Biblical Account of Creation

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Criticism of the Biblical Account of Creation:

Genesis I teaches us the following about the history of the universe and of man on earth:

• That the universe (and earth) were created in 6 literal days (i.e. 24 hour days)

• That based on the genealogies of Adam and his descendants, the universe came into existence on the 26th of October in year 4004 BC. In other words, the universe and earth are only about 6014 years old

• That based in the story of Noah's Ark, a universal deluge occurred in the year 2348 BC that destroyed all forms of life on earth except what were carried on Noah's Ark.

However, findings from the different fields of science (astronomy, astrophysics, geology, archeology) tell us a different story. The universe is about 13.75 billion years old, and the earth is 4.55 billion years old. Fossils of living creatures were found that were several millions of years old, and fossils of modern man were found that were between 50,000 – 200,000 years old.

Ancient civilizations in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley, in the Nile Valley, in Greece and in other places maintained uninterrupted written historical records extending before, throughout, and following the year 2348 BC. Their written chains of history were unbroken by the flood. Peoples of these vast civilizations failed to notice their own “destruction.”

Amazingly, despite the clear contradictions of the Bible with science, many Christians (in the 21st century) still believe in the view of young earth creation and in the universal deluge.

This upload contains 46 titles distributed as follows:

- 15 titles in the subdirectory: Proponents of the Biblical Account of Creation. Most of these titles are recent articles published in different websites. I suggest the readers start with this group to get a solid idea about the Biblical account of creation.

- 16 titles in the main directory. These titles present the scientific arguments from astronomy and astrology that refute the Biblical account of creation. All of them except three are recent publications. One of them (the last one) presents the Islamic view regarding the creation of the universe.

- 8 titles in the subdirectory: Geology, Archeology and Age of Earth. This group presents evidence from geology and archeology that the earth is not young, and that it is much much older than 6000 years.

- 7 titles in the subdirectory: Ancient Civilization. This group examines the recorded histories of many ancient civilizations, and present evidence that there were no records of destruction of life and civilizations resulting from a universal deluge.