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Criticism of the Bible - The Old Testament

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Criticism of the Bible – The Old Testament.

This upload focuses on the research field of Higher Criticism as applied to the Bible. The research during the 18th and 19th centuries has shown conclusively that the authors and dates of authorships of the different books of the Bible differ widely than what was presumed in the tradition. We start here with the Old Testament.

1- Wikipedia – Higher Criticism. A good review to the science of higher criticism.
2- History of Higher Criticism, by: Robert Newman.
3, 4, 5, 6, 7- The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined, by: John William Colenso, 1862 (5 parts). This book received wide condemnation from the Church when it was first published because the author was no ordinary man; he was the Bishop of Natal, South Africa.
8, 9, 10- The Religion of Israel, by: A. Kuenen, 1874 (3 Volumes).
11- Pentateuch and Its Relation to Jewish & Christian Dispensation, by: Andrews Norton, 1870.
12- Levitical Priests - Criticism of the Pentateuch, by: Samuel Ives Curtiss, 1877.
13- The Bible from the Stand Point of Higher Criticism – The Old Testament, by: Ramsden Balmforth, 1904.
14- Errors of the Scriptures, by: F. Gadiner, 1879.
15 - Crimes of Jehovah, by: Mark Mirabello, 1996.