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Criticism of the Bible - Collection 53

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Wow - Collection --->53<--- - that's some dedication.
Unless I don't understand the website structure I can't see a file listing, like this below, which I got by downloading the .torrent and copying its internal file listing:

0 Welles - Evil Biblical Quotes. A Collection of Untold Biblical Text That Will Shock You (2013).epub\0
1 Ridgway - Revelation. Disarming the Most Dangerous Book in the World (2020).epub\1
2 Ray - Baby Dinosaurs on the Ark. The Bible and Modern Science and the Trouble of Making It All Fit (2021).epub\2
3 Fee & Strauss - How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth. A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions (2007).epub\3
4 Kloppenborg - Q, the Earliest Gospel. An Introduction to the Original Stories and Saying of Jesus (2008).pdf\4
5 Crawford - The Text of the Pentateuch. Textual Criticism and the Dead Sea Scrolls (2022).pdf\5
6 Smith - The Early History of God. Yahweh and the Other Deities in Ancient Israel, 2nd ed. (2002).epub\6
7 Hakola - Reconsidering Johannine Christianity. A Social Identity Approach (2015).pdf\7
8 Vasquez-Lozano & CRE- The Apocrypha of the Bible (2018).epub\8
9 Adamczewski - Retelling the Law. Genesis, Exodus-Numbers, and Samuel-Kings as Sequential Hypertextual Reworkings of Deuteronomy (2012).pdf\9
10 Loke - Investigating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. A New Transdisciplinary Approach (2020).azw3\10
11 Breed - Nomadic Text. A Theory of Biblical Reception History (2014).pdf\11
12 Tov - Scribal Practices and Approaches Revisited, HeBAI 3 (2014).pdf\12
13 Freund - Digging through the Bible. Understanding Biblical People, Places, and Controversies through Archaeology (2009).epub\13
14 Vermes (Tr.) - The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, 7e (2011).epub\14
15 Neufeld - Scripture, Skepticism, and the Character of God. The Theology of Henry Mansel (2019).epub\15
16 Crabbe - Luke-Acts and the End of History (2019).pdf\16
17 Wills - Introduction to the Apocrypha. Jewish Books in Christian Bibles (2021).epub\17
18 Price - When Gospels Collide (2021).epub\18
19 Toth (Ed.) - Dialogues and Disputes in Biblical Disguise from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages (2022).pdf\19
20 Hundley - Yahweh among the Gods. The Divine in Genesis, Exodus, and the Ancient Near East (2022).pdf\20
21 Harstine - Reading John through Johannine Lenses (2022).pdf\21
22 Massey - Daughters of God, Subordinates of Men. Women and the Roots of Patriarchy in the New Testament (2015).pdf\22
23 Mettinger & Kndapp - Reports from a Scholar’s Life. Select Papers on the Hebrew Bible (2015).pdf\23
24 McKenzie & Kaltner (Eds.) - New Meanings for Ancient Texts. Recent Approaches to Biblical Criticisms and Their Applications (2013).pdf\24
25 Macumber - Recovering the Monstrous in Revelation (2021).pdf\25
26 Attia & Perrot - The Hebrew Bible Manuscripts. A Millennium (2022).pdf\26
27 Jay - Genesis and Validity. The Theory and Practice of Intellectual History (2022).pdf\27
28 Davies, A. - Double Standards in the Book of Isaiah. Re-Evaluating Prophetic Ethics and Divine Justice, PhD Thesis, U. Sheffield, 1998..pdf\28
29 Pellet - A Critical Study of Scribal Errors in the Book of Jeremiah in the Light of the Septuagint, M. Arts Thesis, Butler U., 1937..pdf\29
30 Fewell (Ed.) - The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Narrative (2016).pdf\30
31 Campbell et al - The Perfect Storm. Critical Discussion of the Semantics of the Greek Perfect Tense Under Aspect Theory (2021).pdf\31
32 Taylor, J.P. - Ideology and Ideological Criticism of Old Testament Texts, PhD Thesis, U. Sheffield, 2006.pdf\32
33 Schmid & Schroter - The Making of the Bible. From the First Fragments to Sacred Scripture (2021).pdf\33
34 Baker - The Theological Problem of the Relationship Between the Old Testament and the New Testament A Study of Some Modern Solutions, PhD Thesis, 1975.pdf\34

You have to click the Content tab, to the right of View at the top of the torrent, and click the folder name and then all of the files show up.

12 seeds yet rutorrent sees nothing and has a red arrow (?) now that's confusing.