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Criticism of the Bible - Collection 26

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Criticism of the Bible - Collection 26:

We have 20 titles in this upload. They include the latest book by the impeccable Bart Ehrman published in 2013.

- Barthelemy - Studies in the Text of the Old Testament; an Introduction to the Hebrew Old Testament Text Project (2012)

- Bull et al (Eds.) - Mystery and Secrecy in the Nag Hammadi Collection and Other Ancient Literature; Ideas and Practices (2012)

- Buss - Biblical Form Criticism in Its Context (1999)

- Coloe & Thatcher (Eds.) - John, Qumran, and the Dead Sea Scrolls; Sixty Years of Discovery and Debate (2011)

- Cook (Ed.) - Septuagint and Reception (2009)

- Cowles et al - Show Them No Mercy; 4 Views on God and Canaanite Genocide (2003)

- Ehrman - Forgery and Counter Forgery; the Use of Literary Deceit in Early Christian Polemics (2013)

- Enns - The Evolution of Adam; What the Bible Does and Doesn't Say about Human Origins (2012)

- Flink - Textual Dilemma; Studies in the Second-Century Text of the New Testament (2009)

- Flint (Ed.) - The Bible at Qumran; Text, Shape, and Interpretation (2001)

- Gilmour - Representing the Past; a Literary Analysis of Narrative Historiography in the Book of Samuel (2011)

- Hempel - The Dead Sea Scrolls; Texts and Context (2010)

- Johnson - Contested Issues in Christian Origins and the New Testament (2013)

- Kraus & Nicklas (Eds.) - Early Christian Manuscripts; Examples of Applied Method and Approach (2010)

- MacDonald - Two Shipwrecked Gospels; the Logoi of Jesus and Papia's Exposition of Logia about the Lord (2012)

- McKenzie & Romer (Eds.) - Rethinking the Foundations; Historiography in the Ancient World and in the Bible (2000)

- Prior - The Bible and Colonialism; a Moral Critique (1997)

- van Ruiten - Abraham in the Book of Jubilees; the Rewriting of Genesis 11.26-25.10 in the Book of Jubilees 11.14-23.8 (2012)

- Wachtel & Holmes (Eds.) - The Textual History of the Greek New Testament; Changing Views of Contemporary Research (2011)

- Wettlaufer - No Longer Written; the Use of Conjectural Emendation in the Restoration of the Text of the New Testament, .. (2013)