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Criticism of the Bible - Collection 23 (The Dead Sea Scrolls) (DMCA modified)

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Criticism of the Bible - Collection 23 (The Dead Sea Scrolls):

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran about 65 years ago was a sensational incident that has great historical and religious significance because the Qumran documents included perhaps the earliest known surviving copies of biblical and extra-biblical documents. The biblical texts make about 23% of the Qumran documents, and they contain parts of all of the Old Testaments (OT) except the Book of Esther.

While some manuscripts are nearly identical to the traditional Hebrew text of OT, some manuscripts exhibit dramatic differences both in language and content. For example, there were several copies of the Book of Genesis in the Qumran documents; comparing the Qumran Genesis with Genesis in the modern Bible we find the following chapters missing from Qumran Genesis: 7-16, 25, 28-33, 38, 44, 46 and 50.

Since the Qumran documents are much older than the three main sources of the OT (the Latin Vulgate, the Septuagint, and the Masoretic text), big questions are now being raised concerning the process of transmission and canonization of the Bible and the reliability of the Bible.

We have 21 titles in this upload:

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- Charlesworth (Ed.) - The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, Vols. 1-3 (2006)

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- Washburn - A Catalog of Biblical Passages in The Dead Sea Scrolls (2003)


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