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Criticism of the Bible - Collection 2

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Criticism of the Bible – Collection 2:

The first collection of books in the category of Criticism of the Bible was uploaded in 2 parts: The Old Testament, and the New Testament. No such distinction is made in this Collection 2, which includes the following:

1- The Bible of Bibles, or Twenty Seven Revelations; by: Kersey Graves. 1879. In the first part of the book, the author reviews the scriptures related to different religions and sects. In the second part, he concentrates on the Christian Bible exposing thousands of errors and contradictions.

2- The Complete Idiot's Guide to Biblical Mysteries; by: Donald Ryan, 2000. A very good introduction to the subject with explanations to the terminologies used in the field.

3, 4, 5 and 6- Biblical Criticism on the first Fourteen Historical Books of the Old Testament and the First Nine Prophetical Books, Vols 1-4; by: Samuel Horsley, 1820.

7- The Sources of the Morality of the Gospels; by: Joseph McCabe, 1914. The author reviews several old civilizations and demonstrates that they had higher levels of morality than Christianity.

8- Origin and Character of the Bible and Its Place Among Sacred Books; by: Jabez Thomas Sunderland, 1924.

9- The God of Jews or Jehovah Unveiled; by: William Skinner, 1799.

10- Is the Bible Worth Reading and Other Essays; by: Lemuel Washburn, 1911.

11- About the Holy Bible; by: Robert Ingersoll.

12- Christianity Unveiled Being and an Examination of the Principles and Effects of the Christian Religion; by: W.M. Johnson, 1895.