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Crisis Simulations - Exposing False Flag PSYOP Corporate Hub (2017)

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Crisis Simulations - Exposing False Flag PSYOP Corporate Hub (2017) Ole Dammegard exposes international False Flag psyop corporate hub responsible for 3/22 Westminster & 5/22 Manchester False Flag attacks:! Interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre. Crisis simulations to get crisis ready CRISIS SIMULATIONS AND CRISIS WORKSHOPS Crisis Solutions specialises in getting organisations crisis ready: we set about this by running crisis simulation exercises and crisis workshops. CRISIS SIMULATION EXERCISES THAT FEEL REAL We plan and deploy crisis simulation exercises that feel REAL. Initially, we work with you to understand your objectives and then advise on the most suitable exercise for your organisation, making sure it adds real value to your crisis management capability. We are not involved in box ticking. Our crisis exercises and the subsequent reports will improve your crisis management skills and make your organisation more resilient. We craft a bespoke crisis simulation exercise, which allows your teams to practice their crisis response capability using a realistic and engaging scenario. All within the safe environment of an exercise. WE COME TO YOU The crisis training can be at your offices, across multiple sites, at your recovery centre – anywhere you need it to be, because we come to you. In an effort to maximise reality, Crisis Solutions has developed a secure exercise web portal – Crisis Cloud. This includes simulated news videos, news stores that are updated as the exercise progresses, together with social media activity and interactive web pages where you can post internal and external statements. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT STAGING A CRISIS SIMULATION We run at least one exercise every week, this is our core business. If you want to know more about how we plan and deliver crisis simulations, please get in touch and we will be happy to speak to you in jargon-free language! Our approach is challenging, fast paced but easily comprehensible. We also run other types of crisis exercises, including crisis workshops, remote crisis exercises as well as supporting you in running your own using Crisis Cloud. The largest simulation exercise in which Crisis Solutions had ever been involved was about to get underway. We were in a glass-fronted room in a tower block overlooking London with close to one hundred people. This was the exercise command centre and the hub of what was about to unfold. A young man in a dark business suit rose to his feet and said: “We go live in ten seconds”. A hush descended on the room, which was abruptly broken by the insistent music of a simulated TV news bulletin. All over London, elsewhere in the UK and across the world, more than 80 corporate crisis teams were simultaneously seeing the same streamed news and the exercise was under way. Terror attack The purpose of the exercise was nothing less than to test the financial sector’s resilience to a coordinated terror attack. Given the government departments and major international companies involved it was pretty clear success was the only acceptable outcome. To add to the pressure, international observers were also in attendance so the stakes were high. The Internet was used to create a multi-channel interactive experience for the participants so that, during the course of the exercise more than 2000 players from more than 80 companies were able to rehearse their roles in a highly realistic environment. A series of live websites were created to give all the players the same information at exactly the same time representing news media, financial data, and information from the emergency services. The stats During the three-hour exercise, the websites handled more than 15 gigabytes of data on more than 200 pages. The financial data site contained 480 constantly changing graphs and there was a page update every two minutes. There were also around 3,500 downloads of individual video files from the news site. By the end of the exercise all the corporate teams had had the opportunity to rehearse their roles and were better able to understand how their planned responses influenced, or were influenced by, others’ actions. Participant feedback was highly positive and the post-exercise report identified valuable lessons that were subsequently embedded within the exercise participant community so that resilience was enhanced. text Ole Dammegard exposes international False Flag psyop corporate hub responsible for 3-22 Westminster.pdf videos other videos with Ole & Alfred AI APOCALYPSE Threats to Enslave Planet with Weaponized AI - Intel Sources John Nagel.mp4 NEW AUDIO-Ole Dammegard NWO crisis actor group false flags at Ottawa, Paris, Copenhagen. Italy.mp4 Ole Dammegard & Carine Hutsebaut Expose Pizzagate & global pedocriminal, pedosexual networks now.mp4 Ole Dammegard Berlin truck bomb, Russian assassination & Fla. Shooter are Fake News False flags.mp4 Ole Dammegard CocaCola, Nike, Starbucks NWO product placements at Paris & Brussels false flags.mp4 Ole Dammegard discusses clues of false flag attacks in Denmark & Eastern Europe.mp4 Ole Dammegard exposes 2-5 police shooters kill 69-86 youths in 2011 Norway false flag by NWO ops.mp4 Ole Dammegard Satanic Pentagram part of foiled 911-type false flag at 2014 Bilderberger.mp4 Ole Dammegard Statue of Liberty – NYC is next NWO False Flag Predicted 322 Westminster.mp4 Ole Dammegard exposes international False Flag psyop corporate hub!.mp4 tags: crisis, false flags, simulation, deception, magic, psychology, Masons, MI5
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