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Creation vs Evolution

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Creation vs Evolution:

The war between creationists and evolutionists has been going on for more than 150 years since the publication of Charles Darwin's Origin of Species in 1859. The latest discoveries of the genetic code in the DNA should have settled the controversy by helping defeat the evolution theory. However, the creationists are burdened by the absurdity of the biblical account of creation, and the belief in a universal deluge and a young universe.

The creationists – who believe in the Bible – have to defend the undefendable and explain the unexplainable. This resulted in a stalemate between the two sides.

This upload adds another dimension to the controversy between creationism and evolutionism by including the Islamic view to this issue. The Islamic view is basically a creationist view but based on the Qur'anic account of creation.

The upload contains 52 titles distributed as follows:

- 12 titles in the main directory. This group includes many titles that give good review to the controversy, and the arguments of each side.

- 17 titles in the subdirectory: The Evolutionism View.

- 10 titles in the subdirectory: The Creationism View, and

- 13 titles in the subdirectory: The Islamic View. The first 6 titles in this group examine the compatibility of Qur'an with science with a comparison to the Bible. The rest of the titles were written by Harun Yahya and give direct refutation to the theory of evolution, and present the Islamic view to creation.