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Cracking The Code, 3rd Edition (2002)

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This is a great book and a must read for anyone seeking to unlock the mysteries of the UCC, the American judicial system, and how to put creditors in their place.

Learn how to nullify most debt, and stick bankers between a rock and a hard place.


Looking forward to reading this, though the torrent will not initiate sadly... I noted it's from 10 years ago. Perhaps it's no longer on the server.

Skyeword wrote:

Perhaps it's no longer on the server.

Our crack resource hunters managed to find a copy for you, and provided a link to the PDF online, as well as a new torrent which is seeded. Just download the new torrent file and your dream will come true!

Sorry to hear that your team is on crack...but deeply appreciative of the find. ;)

When a torrent won't d/l from your site, given in many instances they were linked a decade ago, does this mean they are not available? I did a mad run through the other day and grabbed about 50+ of them, and only a few have downloaded. I've got plenty to share by the way so go slow with any leach labels. :O Once I figure out what's up here, I won't have so many questions. Thanks for what you do btw. This data is known by few and far between. 'Things' are improving!