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Covid psychoimmunological treatment

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Covid psychoimmunological treatment

Hello, this institute has a psycho immunological solution for covid and post covid which works between 85% to 90% of the time (the exception are the patients with oxygen, they are still researching) for active covid and 100% for long covid. When I say it works I mean that all symptoms disappear during the video session which entails some psycho immunological work. Unfortunately 1) they have few therapists 2) it seems wrong to keep a solution like this without medicines in the hands of a few.
If any of you has Covid or Post Covid please apply for a session, you only need internet and an hour or so of your time
Please do everyone a favor also, (without them knowing you do) please do register on the sly the audio of the session with a phone near your laptop o sth, so it can benefit everyone and share it here and everywhere!
Thank you!!! Important: you DO need a positive test or being post covid to be approved for this treatment it seems

For the doubters out there:

For the doubters out there: couple of techniques for voices and body associations and difficulty and pressure solving when we try to do things out of our family comfort zone are available in silence the voices book, many more techniques in the whole hearted healing manual and in the whh workbook.

In addition for covid if someone you know has hypoxia the treatment is free as they are still researching the issue, in other covid cades i believe It will be 100$ tops

If any of you has Lyme they have a treatment, and they work "pay for results", pay only if you have results, just because they understand people may see these as unbelievable claims and treatments.

Proof is in eating the pudding and if the pudding doesn't taste nice the pudding's free, what could be fairer than that

Seems that someone with a

Seems that someone with a conscience posted at least a treatment for post covid. It doesn't say that it is from the Peak States Institute but i do recognize the specific 9 gamut tapping, the use of imagery, prenatal development and music, so if I had to guess this is one of the first 3 versions of the covid treatment, so as it says 100% effective against post covid7long covid syndrome, not very effective (but it is worth a good try1) on active covid, due to additional issues (bacterias, prions)

Once again i urge anyone who has or knows someone with active acute covid to do a session with the institute and record it and share it here

the thing is

This is never going to be as reliable as the vitamins and generic drugs and herbs that we know are super effective and safe.

So a decade ago, I meditated and made a cold go away, I've not had a cold since. So I believe this can work. However I wasn't able to do that with the symptoms I had from exposure to someone shedding the vaccine.

Anyone who is able to make this work, probably doesn't need instructions. It takes a lot of patience and effort.

Personally I'm going to stick to the ivm and hcq I imported from India, and elderberry, echinacea, vitamin D, C, blackseed oil, etc.

Good luck though. There are videos on YouTube from EFT practitioners for covid symptoms, one of them I know personally used it to good effect.

Have you tried this with the

Have you tried this with the symptoms of Spike shedding? Sure, there are ways of meditating a cold away, but it's hit and miss, and ivermectin etc is good to have on hand, sure, especially since covid is not just a virus, there's prions and bacteria, and that's why this treatment treats 100% only post covid and spike shedding symptoms, not acute covid
This, unlike general meditation, is a specific point in time in prenatal biology that is exactly the same for everyone, the only thing that is different is the amount of trauma that needs to be cleared, so this will work for everyone, not some lucky few that have the training or power to do what you did.
The virus and the spike surface "taste" of nutmeg and if this particular moment in prenatal time when a fluid tasting of nutmeg comes in (and should be there in this case) is not cleared of suffocation trauma then the person "craves" fake nutmeg taste i.e. the virus and the spike, or in other terms, there are receptors for the fake nutmeg taste available, not filled with the prenatal true taste, so they are open to being exploited by the virus. Clearing the trauma teaches the body that the nutmeg taste of the virus is not needed and not wanted, and fills up the receptors and the body destroys and flushes out the virus and the spike. As simple as that. As far as general EFT it's the difference between a diffuse light and a laser, furthermore EFT without tapping on the 9 gamut point can be reversed by just feeling anxiety or tensing throat and stomach, as the Institute found out and as explained by EFT trainer KArin Davidson the 9 Gamut heales the epigenetic damage

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