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Covid psycho-immunological Treatment

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Covid psycho-immunological Treatment

Hi everyone, I heard that Peak State Institute has had a stable Covid 19 treatment over the past 5 months that clears it and also immunizes the person against it, but they are not releasing it yet.
Has anyone been treated at the institute?
If someone has, could they write it down and put it here, please?

If no one has done this, do you have Covid? Does anyone you know have Covid?

If you could sign up for treatment (it's a free online treatment), record them (without the therapist's knowledge), could you post at least the audio here? It would be a great help

I can vouch for them as last year I had a Lyme treatment with them (not free) and it disappeared immediately!

Thank you!

There's so much wrong with

There's so much wrong with the above statement that it's hard to even know where to begin...

I would start going through some of the information here

What would be "wrong" with it

What would be "wrong" with it? If you don't believe in covid go in a ward and you'll become a believer in two weeks tops, if you don't believe in the approach get lyme disease and do the treatment (covid treatment is subject to their need of volunteers and free, lyme is pay for results only, no results no payment) and you'll become a believer again...

if it's an ethical question

if it's an ethical question of recording I know we need alternatives to deal with covid and vaccine spike protein since it seems it destroys the vaccine as well as you can hear on the video on the page

sara1980it wrote:

I can vouch for them as last year I had a Lyme treatment with them (not free) and it disappeared immediately!

Can you say more about your treatment and healing? Sounds interesting.

you can still watch it even

you can still watch it even if you are not on facebook here's an alternate link you don't need to log in at all

it doesn't work. still

it doesn't work. still requires login access. it is probably because I am not in the US.
again, thx for trying!

that's strange... I am not in

that's strange... I am not in the US either, I am in Russia it still works, I use Chrome. Try a VPN in different locations as well

There's something to be said

There's something to be said for running a site that doesn't censor by content, by IP range, or any other criteria…

What I meant above is that I do not believe that there is a disease known as Covid-19 because by Koch's Postulates in order to have an infectious agent, you must first isolate and purify that agent - this has never been done - nor have any of the other steps including taking that isolated, purified agent and demonstrating that it in fact causes a disease. We have PCR tests that are looking for random fragments of RNA of up to 39 base pairs in length, with the rest of the genome interpolated/sequenced via a software algorithm - and those seqeuences were given to the world by state sponsored researchers in China, which is the last place I would place any form of trust in the "science". No, Covid-19 was nothing but a psyop, if you've tested "positive" for it I would be more concerned with what was applied to your brainstem with a twisting motion - because if you think about it logically - wearing of masks to contain a virus? You would certainly be able to detect the virus with a mouth swab & it would not be necessary to insert a swab to the literal back of your skull.

Time to wakey wakey smell the eggs and bacon people. Covid-19 was a hoax. The bioweapon is in the experimental mRNA Gene Therapy "vaccines". So I find it incredibly hard to take this seriously.


I'm looking for additional conformation / information / footage on this.

If you have taken the Covid-19 test, you should watch this. If you know someone who has taken the Covid-19 test, you should watch this.

Dr. Rashid Buttar has more to say about the matter here:

On one thing you're right

On one thing you're right "There's something to be said for running a site that doesn't censor by content"....I'm not denying the damage of vaccines but Covid 19 HAS been isolated, a geneticist I know has been studying it and people I know have been very sick from it. Please show some respect

There is no disrespect

There is no disrespect intended, there has been a great deal of disinformation spread about and I'm just being blunt. From what I have gathered from numerous sources over the last year, the PCR tests are invalid and not diagnosing any actual disease causing agent. Again, they are just picking up these RNA fragments, short genetic sequences that apparently can be found in everyone if you turn the PCR cycle count up high enough. Do you understand the PCR test? Basic exponential math? A doubling function? That's all the PCR test is - a doubling function - and when you run it at 44 cycles you're picking up molecular debris. That's why the 97% "false positive" rate, and that's how they're gaming the system even now by running with lower cycle counts for the "vaccinated" to "prove" that the "vaccines" are working. Even the inventor of the PCR test said it could not be used for diagnosis, had a running disagreement with Fauci, and some people are finding his death three months before the Covid lockdowns occurred to be quite suspicious, but I digress.

If you know someone that was ill and had a "positive Covid-19" test, please consider that those two subjects are orthogonal.

The "spike protein" has been isolated, I believe that is what you are referring to. This is again a short genetic code, far far less than the minimum, what, 40,000 base pair for the smallest identified virus?

People sending in FOIA requests to the CDC and HHS in the USA, and every request comes back cold - no isolated virus. A group of researchers out of Stanford are suing the CDC because in 1,500 samples of "Covid-19" all they found were Influenza A and a little Influenza B - and the CDC couldn't provide an isolated Covid-19 sample to them either.

Tons of info here: and

Your claim that this treatment can undo the vaccination I find curious, considering that we don't fully understand the damage these things are going to cause long term. Where do you get the conviction to back your claim?

I know the swabs are not

I know the swabs are not perfect, blood tests are more reliable. Other than that I can just tell you my experience and what I know from geneticists I know

As far as undoing the vaccination, watch the video on the page At the Institute, where some people have the ability to see inside the body, one of them after the treatment decided to take the Pfizer vaccine to see what it would do, and his (or her I don't remember) body destroyed the vaccine in 15 minutes or less the same way it destroyed the virus, (and the amoeba and the bacterias outside and the prion inside the virus, all connected...) it recognized the spike protein as harmful

And by the way, the treatment

And by the way, the treatment above destroys the vaccines as well in 5 to 15 minutes...

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