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Covid mRNA Vaccine Risks - Prof. Dolores Cahill Interview (06Jan2021)

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Covid mRNA Vaccine Risks - Prof. Dolores Cahill Interview
- The Richie Allen Show, 06 January 2021

Richie is joined by Professor Dolores Cahill. Dolores is a Professor of Translational Science at University College Dublin. Despite having an impeccable academic record, Dolores was forced to resign from a scientific commission post, because she disagreed with the lockdown and questioned the seriousness of the virus.

This is a must-listen interview.

Professor Cahill explains in forensic detail why she would never take an experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccine. She tells Richie that she believes that vaccine recipients may very well experience serious organ failure down the line, when their immune systems are exposed to seasonal coronaviruses. The professor believes that millions may well die.

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