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Corruption of Popes, Papacy and Church - A Collection

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Corruption of Popes, Papacy and Church (A Collection):

There is a wealth of books and references that discuss the corruption of the Popes, Papacy and the Church. Also, many of the titles about the history of Christianity or the history of the Popes contain chapters or sections that address the subject. Many of the writings are by protestants exposing the atrocities of the Roman Church against those who differ with her.

This collection contains the following titles:

1- Lindsay Brook - Popes and Pornocrats (2003). This article documents the stratagems employed by the Roman aristocracy in the early Middle Ages to gain and retain power through placement of Popes. Pornocracy is often referred to as Rule of Harlots.

2- HA Henderson - Is Roman Church Holy? (1914). This book gives an excellent religious and ethical review of the lives of the Popes of Rome, showing in some detail the steps taken by them to mount the papal throne; the methods used to circumvent an opponent, and the many tragedies encircling them.

3- AH Mathew - Life and Times of Rodrigo Borgia: Pope Alexander VI (1912). The Borgias or Borjas were an Italian noble family of Valincian origin remembered today for their corrupt rule of the Papacy during the Renaissance. They are in fact thought to be "history's first criminal family". The book gives a detailed historical account to the life of Rodrigo Borgia - the patriarch of the family, (1431-1503) who became a bishop, cardinal and vice-chancellor of the church. He was later elected Pope, taking the name Alexander VI.

4- F Gregrorovius - Lucretia Borgia (1874). Lucretia (Lucrezia) Borgia was the daughter of Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI). The historical account of her life (along with her father) gives a complete picture of a family that epitomize the ruthless Machiavellian politics and sexual corruption alleged to be characteristic of the Renaissance Papacy. Her father arranged several marriages for her, to important or powerful men, in order to advance their own political ambitions. Several rumors have persisted throughout the years, primarily speculating allegations of incest, poisoning, and murder on Lucrezia part.

5- Janus - The Pope and the Council (1869). This work emanates from catholic authorship, and discusses the great religious crisis through which the Church is facing from a catholic, though a " liberal catholic," point of view.

6- RP Blakeney - Popery in Social Aspect: Immortality and Intolerance of Romanism (1854). A protestant writer gives a condensation of evidence, on the antisocialism of the Roman Church.

7- RF Sample - Beacon Lights of Reformation (1915). This book tells the story of the Reformers to Christianity of the Roman Church. The Reformers covered in the book include: John Wyclif, Savonarola, John Huss, Martin Luther, Zwingle, Calvin, Cramer and John Knox.
The story of each one of them gives a different example to the corruption and crimes of the Roman Church.

8- WE Tayler – Popery: Its Character and its Crimes (1847). Another book that expose the character and crimes, corruption, fraud, and wickedness of the Roman Church.

9- JB White - Poor Man Preservative Against Popery (1826). Joseph Blanco White was formerly a catholic and Chaplain to the King of Spain, in the Royal Chapel of Seville. He converted to Protestantism and became a clergyman of the Church of England.

10- T McCulloch - Popery Condemned by Scripture and Fathers (1808). A protestant writer refutes a book written by a catholic in defense of the Roman Church.

11- GD Emerline - Frauds of Papal Ecclesiastics (1835). The book exposed the frauds of the Romish Monks and Priests.

12- T Griesinger - Mysteries of the Vatican or Crimes of the Papacy - vol2 (1864). Translated from German by E.S. A detailed account of the intolerance and crimes of the Roman Church.

13- D Massy - Dark Deeds of the Papacy (1851). The author warns against the dangers facing England as a result of the dark deeds of the Papacy and the Jesuits.

14- WE Painter – Popery: Enemy and Falsifier of Scripture (1844). According the extended title of the book: Facts and Evidences, Illustrative of the Conduct of the Modern Church of Rome in Prohibiting the Reading and Circulation of the Holy Scripture in the Vulgar Tongue; and also the Falsification of the Sacred Text in Translations of the Bible Executed by Romanists.

15- Anonymous - Vaticanism Unmasked or Romanism in USA (1877). Written by a Puritan of the 19th Century. The objective of the writer is to show that the Roman Catholic Church is the only institution in this world that claims infallibility, and that it is, of all others, the most corrupt, ungodly and despotic. .

16- M Seesholtz - The Roman Catholic Church of Corruption (2005). This report discusses some of the pedophilia and sexual abuse committed by priests in the Roman Catholic Church, and the sinister cover-up orchestrated by their superiors (the Cardinals).