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Corona Investigative Committee, Session 86 [EN]

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I promise you a huge "Easter egg" if you watch the Dr. Mike Yeadon segment.
(Hint: has to do with the graph of "vaccine" batch numbers
vs. number of VAERS reports.)


Evidence for premeditation: Batches with particularly lethal "vaccines"
Ethylene oxide on test sticks and the authorities' silence
Instrumentarianism vs. biourbanism
Telegraphs disease: what is the role of cellular communication and 5G?
Nuclear power rebuttal: hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future
Slovenia: current situation

08:03 Introduction

08:40 Ernst Wolff (Business Journalist, Managing Director edition e. wolff; Berlin, BE / Germany)
LinkedIn: here; Xing: here; Telegram: here; Twitter: here; Facebook: here; YouTube: here
Homepage edition e. wolff: here

47:10 Prof. em. Werner Bergholz (Partner at ISC International Standards Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, former lecturer in electrical engineering with a focus on quality and risk management, Jacobs-University Bremen; Gehrden, NI / Germany)
LinkedIn: here; Xing: here; ResearchGate: here; Homepage at ISC: here

1:37:26 Prof. Tjascha Vuzem (Germanist, founder of the slovenic branch of Attorneys for Legal Education; Slovenia)

2:01:42 Gregor Kos (Political scientist, Slovenia)

2:26:31 Robin Monotti (Architect and film producer; United Kingdom)

3:15:08 Dr. Lee Merritt (Orthopaedist and spine surgeon; USA)

4:33:33 Dr. Mike Yeadon (Former Head of Science Dept. of Pfizer Global R&D; Canterbury, KEN / United Kingdom)
LinkedIn: here; ResearchGate: here; Telegram: here; Twitter: here

6:49:15 Video 1: Bill Gates expecting a 20:1 return on invest of his vaccine expenditures (Interview with CNBC's Becky Quick at the annual WEF meeting)

6:50:52 Video 2: In 1998, the US Department of Justice indicted Microsoft alleging that the company was abusing its market power and illegally trying to create a monopoly in web browsers in favour of its own Internet Explorer; the video shows Bill Gates, then CEO of Microsoft, during a hearing at the U.S. Department of Justice in the 18-month trial, at the end of which Microsoft settled out of court with the opposing parties for fines amounting to hundreds of millions of US dollars; Netscape alone received 750 million US dollars

6:52:12 The End