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corbett interview 889 yoshioka tatsuya introduces the global article 9 campaign to abolish war

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|image0|\ Article 9 of the post-war Japanese constitution is one of the
most unabashedly pacifist clauses of any national constitution…or at
least it has been. As the Abe government rushes to change the
constitution (or its interpretation) to allow for Japanese military
involvement overseas, the `Global Article 9
Campaign <>`__ works against this
tendency and toward the abolition of war through law. Today we are
joined by `Peace Boat <>`__
Co-Founder and Director Yoshioka Tatsuya to discuss this campaign.

| `Peace Boat <>`__
| `Global Article 9
Campaign <>`__
| `Article 9 of the Japanese
Constitution <>`__\ `
Abe panel’s report says collective self-defense already covered by
9 <>`__
| `54.8% In Favour Of Revising Constitution, Says Online
Survey <`__
| `End of an era as Japan enters
Iraq <>`__

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