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Consciousness Books Collection

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A collection of books on consciousness, a fascinating field of research whose future may still be full of huge surprises in spite of the seemingly increasing scientific evidence that the neural network of the brain is solely responsible for producing conscious experience as we know it.


Since the file names are informative, I replaced your file list with a link to the contents. ConCen has the ability to search the contents of torrents, so indexing a list twice is a waste of server resources.

No problem, just help with the seeding...I deleted the link.

.. that'll do just that. Currently the torrent content search results are not displaying properly.

Once that's fixed, it's on to another little feature I've been wanting to implement for a long time...

Stay tuned.

thank you!!!

A classic!

Does anyone have this complete?

On behalf of the members of ConCen, I salute you, whoever you are.