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Confessions From The Grassy Knoll: The Shocking Truth (2013)

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Confessions From The Grassy Knoll: The Shocking Truth (2013)

This DVD presents an investigation into the story of a man who confessed to firing the fatal shot from the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963.
His story becomes one more compelling piece of evidence for what most Americans have long suspected: that their government covered-up critical facts about the CIA's collaboration with Organized Crime to assassinate the President of the United States.

This video documentary goes on to present irrefutable corroborating evidence, the stories of two other paricipants in the events of Dealey Plaza, and the testimony of many other witnesses.
Based on a tip from an FBI agent in 1992, James Files was tracked down by Joe West, a private investigator. Files, who was serving time for attempted murder of an Illinois police officer, initially refused to talk. However, slowly and meticulously, West established a relationship with Files. Through months of visits and correspondence, Files began to reveal his participation in the JFK assassination.
Files was nearing a full confession when West became ill and suddenly passed away in 1993. A year later associates of West's taped an interview with Files, during which he first confessed to being the shooter on the Grassy Knoll, and that it was he who delivered the final, fatal shot to JFK's right temple. He also fingered key CIA agents and mobsters Charles Nicoletti, Sam Giancana, and Johnny Roselli -- all murdered in the 1970s.
The producer of this documentary, Wim Dankbaar of Holland, has made it his calling to continue the investigation started by Joe West. In this quest he received the assistance of several retired FBI agents whose testimony (presented in this video) not only corroborated James Files' claims but also made startling new discoveries -- one of which is the presence in Dealey Plaza of Luis Posada Carriles, the anti-Castro terrorist who has been in the news recently for being protected by the Bush administration. Could the reason be that he can give away the Big secrets of Dallas, such as the role of George Bush St. in the assassinations plot?
Although Files had vowed to never again be interviewed, Dankbaar finally managed, through months of persuading, to change his mind. The highlights of that 3 hour video-interview, along with much other evidence of conspiracy and cover-up. is presented here for you to judge.



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