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The Complete Texe Marrs video pack

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The Complete Texe Marrs video pack

1) Close Encounter with Unexpected Evil - Face to Face With the Devil

Texe Marrs has done extensive and exhaustive research to present to you an in depth view coupled with a plethora of information on statues from around the world and their religious significance, many people literally admire, adore and worship these grotesque figures as if they somehow emit some form of energy force empowering the individual. Since the dawn of man, men have worshiped stone figures and have gone as far as to sacrifice people on altars to stone gods in hopes they will be given empowerment and or enlightenment.

"You don't see them, not unless you know what to look for. But they see you. They're always there, standing, perching, sitting, crouching, hiding, always watching, observing, sometimes grinning, certainly leering. I call them beasts: Stony beasts.

The Bible speaks of them as "idols" and warns that while they may consist of mere stone, marble, plaster, or wood, they nevertheless have supernatural powers of hideously strange nature. To deny this is to risk falling victim to their foul and overwhelmingly repugnant grip.

Their universal existence, often in the most unexpected places, is no accident. It was planned long ago that they would be there. But even after you discover their presence, these menacing, grotesque, supernatural entities refuse to budge. They seem to be carefully obeying the orders of someone, somewhere who sent them forth to be advance agents of some mysterious, dark force. In accomplishing this mission, they are unusually successful, hugely so, harbingers as they are of a cruel and evil agenda which, some horrible day surprisingly soon, will be fully realized."

Texe Marrs

2) Rothschild's Choice - Barack Obama

Rothschild’s Choice : Barack Obama and the Rothschilds Choice Hidden Cabal Behind the Plot to Murder America. ‘Chosen by hidden superiors, we discover that President Barack Obama is heir to a terrible Master Plan conceived long ago and now being lethally implemented. Barack Obama has become the ultimate instrument in a dark plot to deconstruct and ‘murder’ America’.”

Cutting Edge has long suspected that the Illuminati would bring all their plans for a New World Order together when America had its 44th President (11×4). Now that we have seen President Obama for the past eight months, we believe that it is entirely possible for the Illuminati Plan to produce Antichrist to move into completion during Obama’s Administration.

The man Rothschild chooses, that man will become President of the United States. So, who was Rothschild’s Choice in 2008? The answer is obvious: Barack Hussein Obama!

3) Cauldron of Abaddon - From Jerusalem and Israel Flow a Torrent of Satanic Evil

What is the most wicked city on earth? From this evil place spew witchcraft and sorcery. Its merchants produce the world's most destructive child pornography. This city's hidden rulers are the drug kingpins of the planet. Their Mafia control the world's most frenzied gambling establishments. Cruel violence, sexual sin and perversion, murder and gangsterism rock this city and reverberate around the world. Worse, this city's inhabitants are cosmopolitan. They have spread their tentacles around the globe. Their grotesque debauchery and unparalleled crimes are holographed in New York City, Moscow, London, Bangkok, and dozens of other locales.

The prophetic Scriptures identify this city with Mystery Babylon, and spiritually call it "Sodom and Egypt." The Bible says this is the great city "wherein our Lord was crucified."
This city, is in fact, the very "Cauldron of Abaddon," a fiery boiling pot of sorcery and vice stirred by Satan and his minions.

Have you got it yet? Do you know the name of this terrible place. The most wicked city in the world in the end-times?


Texe Marrs - Baal's Shaft Cleopatra's Needle 2009.mp4
Texe Marrs - Cauldron of Abaddon.mp4
Texe Marrs - Face to Face with the Devil.avi
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Texe Marrs - Gulag USA Concentration Camps in America.wmv
Texe Marrs - Illuminati Mystery Babylon The Hidden Elite of Israel America and Russia.avi
Texe Marrs - Leviathan in Space
Texe Marrs - Lumen 2000 The Popes Secret Plan for Global Supremacy.avi
Texe Marrs - Masonic Lodge over Jerusalem.avi
Texe Marrs - Monuments to the Beast - Occultic Architecture - Political or Conspiracy.avi
Texe Marrs - Planet X.avi
Texe Marrs - Rothschild's Choice Barack Obama.mp4
Texe Marrs - Satan's New Age Plan for a One World Order 1988.avi
Texe Marrs - Sting of the Iron Beast.mp4
Texe Marrs - The Blind and the Dead - Exposes Greedy Tv Preachers.avi
Texe Marrs - The Bloodstained Hands of Big Brother Government.mp4
Texe Marrs - The Eagle Has Landed - Magic Alchemy and the Illuminati Conquest of Outer Space.avi
Texe Marrs - The Green Barbarians.mp4
Texe Marrs - The Jews are not the Chosen People.avi
Texe Marrs - The Secret Brotherhood Part 1.avi
Texe Marrs - The Secret Brotherhood Part 2.avi
Texe Marrs - Thunder over Zion.avi
Texe Marrs - Tower of Infamy.avi
Texe Marrs - Vatican Rising.mkv
Texe Marrs - Victor Thorn The Holocaust.m4v
Texe Marrs - Where the Rich and Famous Dwell 2008.avi


Texe Marrs - Codex Magica.pdf
Texe Marrs - Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star_ Eye-Op.pdf