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"Committee of 300" Fact-or-Fiction?

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Committee of 300

Eustace Mullins Exposed Dr. John Coleman In 1992

According to the late, great Eustace Mullins, Dr. John Coleman (the name he goes by, anyway) not only lifted the materials he used in his books and lectures from both Mullins and Lyndon Larouche publications, but he also may have lifted material from the Anti-Defamation League…while working as a Mossad agent-agitator against America!

Check out below what Mullins had to say about Coleman back in 1992, and see if what Mullins said holds any water. Given that it’s from Mullins, I’d say it holds a glass that is over half-full.

Some Illuminating Background On The Character “John Coleman”, Agent-Agitator Finally Exposed

(Editor’s note: Regular readers will recall that much space in the 9/8/92 LIBERATOR was devoted to explaining an insipid array of attacks from one “Dr. John Coleman” aka John Clarke and likely actually one Joseph Pavlonsky, of Russian Khazarian origin. It seems that some of the excellent sources “Coleman” “borrowed” material from have seen fit to discuss this colorful character and in so doing, provide an illuminating — if sadly destructive — pattern of activity we would share with our readers. The following is an extract from an article purportedly by Eustace Mullins in Lawrence Patterson’s publication Criminal Politics for July or August of 1992.)