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Colossus (2007) subliminal mind control

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Colossus (2007) subliminal mind control

CAUTION: These files are mentally toxic.

These mind control files will solve a riddle. They will reveal to you who is behind all of those subliminals in those many music and meditation files you may have been studying. I have told you before that we can find the very same subliminals over and over again embedded in so many different sound files, proving there must be a single coordinating intelligence behind it all. Who is that powerful and cunning intelligence? Find out now. -- No, it's not me.

To prevent you from having to listen to all of this toxic stuff, I will reveal to you now in which of these files the secret clue can be found: It's track 4. I'm afraid you'll have to listen to all of BC3000. Look it up on google: BC3000.

So there you have it: This isn't a vague opinion anymore by anyone, this is straight from the horse's mouth.

By the way, this stuff is pretty erotic. Remember Wilhelm Reich's Function of the Orgasm and mind control?

The path to hell is so pleasurable - it's called temptation. Maybe that's why humans make the wrong choices so often, because sometimes making the wrong choice feels so much better. What is more powerful, your lust or your conscience?

specs: Apple lossless.


01 Colossus.m4a
02 Droid Alert.m4a
03 Synchronise.m4a
04 BC3000.m4a
05 Just Intonation.m4a
06 Inseminate.m4a
07 Heterodyne Brainwash.m4a
08 Eight Oktas.m4a