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Colloidal Silver & Micro-Currents High-Efficiency Antibiotics for Survival [pack]

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Colloidal Silver & Micro-Currents High-Efficiency Antibiotics for Survival [pack]

This pack contains everything you need to understand what this is all about, including detailed instructions with electronic circuits on how to build your own devices for making colloidal silver, blood electrification and EMP-pulsing for little money only. This stuff really works and is ideal for preppers and survivalists of any type.

Biowarfare - Interview with Former CIA Microbiologist Larry Harris:
Question: How can people protect themselves? (from bio-weapons)
Answer: It is best to have a good supply of antibiotics on hand. Tetracycline or oxytetracycline is very effective against anthrax, if you are able to start using it before you contract a serious infection from these biological agents. This means to start using it the moment you know of a germ warfare attack against your area
Question: What about natural substances? Are there any that can help protect you?
Answer: The only natural substance I know of that is effective against these microbes is colloidal silver. I tested that myself when I was with the CIA, and found it effective against both anthrax and the bubonic plague pathogen....

HIV: "In this study, we investigated the mode of antiviral action of silver nano-particles against HIV-1. Our results reveal, for the first time, that silver nano-particles exert anti-HIV activity at an early stage of viral replication, most likely as a virucidal agent or viral entry inhibitor. No significant difference was found in the antiviral activities of silver nano-particles against the different drug-resistant strains, so the mutations in antiretroviral HIV strains that confer resistance do not affect the efficacy of silver nano-particles. These results further agree with previous findings, where it was proven that silver nano-particles are broad-spectrum biocides. HIV-1 strains found in the human population can differ widely in their pathogenicity, virulence, and sensitivity to particular antiretroviral drugs. The fact that silver nano-particles inhibit such a varied panel of strains makes them an effective broad-spectrum agent against HIV-1. This particular property can reduce the likelihood of the emergence of resistance and the subsequent spread of infection. Silver nano-particles proved to be virucidal to cell-free and cell-associated HIV-1 as judged by viral infectivity assays..."

FDA: "Big Phama failed to get colloidal silver banned by the FDA back in 1999, succeeding only in having the FDA ban the mention of silver's powerful antibiotic qualities from product advertising and labeling. Of course, that backfired on them. The FDA's 1999 'Final Ruling' on colloidal silver only served to incense the public about bureaucratic meddling in their health care choices. As a direct result of the anger generated by the FDA's 'Final Ruling,' more people today know about and regularly use colloidal silver than ever before. So now they are trying to restrict colloidal silver by using paid shills within the environmental movement to promote the spurious idea that 'nano-silver is harmful to the environment'."

comment: HIV may be a hoax though, but you decide.

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